“Can window tint increase your EV’s range?” is a question that is now on a lot of people’s mind, thanks to the fact that electric cars are the future. Some people argued about this in the past, but now it’s clear. Electric car prices are going down, gas prices are going up, there’s a lot of pollution, and more people care about the environment.

It’s hard to say otherwise. But one big worry some people have is that electric cars won’t go far enough on one charge. Even though there are more places to charge them, many people still worry about this.

At Bravo Protection Products, we understand your worries and do our best to make electric cars a practical choice for you. We’ve done some research on our end and found that using the air conditioner is one of the primary reasons that drains your battery. We also address the rumours surrounding the question, “Can window tint increase your EV’s range?”

What Effect Does Heat Have on Your Car’s Battery?

What Effect Does Heat Have on Your Car’s Battery

Peter Neilson has talked about the effects of heat on your car’s battery in his article published in Torque News. According to Neilson, heat can be helpful in making things work better, like car engines. But it’s definitely not a good thing when there is too much heat, especially in your hybrid car’s battery since batteries don’t like excess heat. 

Why Heat Is Bad for Batteries

Heat is like an enemy for batteries because it makes them work extra hard. When batteries get too hot, they can stop working. They might even get big and bumpy, and the stuff inside can disappear.

When that happens, the battery can’t charge up like it should. In simple words, heat makes batteries wear out faster. Batteries in hot places don’t last as long as those in cooler areas. 

Can Window Tint Increase Your EV’s Range?

Can Window Tint Increase Your EV’s RangeCeramic window tint can be a game-changer in enhancing your electric vehicle’s range. This special tint serves a dual purpose by helping lower cabin temperatures, which is essential for EV efficiency. Here are some practical tips to make the most of it:

  1. Shade and Window Cracking: When parking your EV, look for a shady spot and crack the windows slightly. This simple trick prevents excessive heat buildup inside the cabin.
  2. Front Windshield Screen: Consider using a front windshield screen to combat heat further. Combined with tinted windows and shaded parking when possible, it helps minimize heat exposure and keeps your battery in good shape.

Extending Your EV’s Range with Window Tint

The answer to “Can window tint increase your EV’s range?” is a resounding “Yes.” 

Here’s how:

Heat Reduction

Window tint reduces the amount of heat that enters your vehicle. In turn, it reduces the need for air conditioning, a major energy drain in EVs. So, the less you use the AC, the more your range can benefit. The extent of the range increase depends on factors like the type of tint, your local climate, and how frequently you use the AC. Nonetheless, window tint offers a cost-effective way to extend your EV’s range.

Additional Benefits of Automotive Window Tint for Your EV

Apart from the range extension, there are several other advantages to using window tint in your electric vehicle:

  • Cooler Interiors: Window tint helps keep your car’s interior cooler, particularly in hot summer weather, making your driving experience more comfortable.
  • Reduced Glare: It reduces glare, improving visibility for safer driving.
  • UV Protection: Window tint protects against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your car’s interior and health.
  • Enhanced Style: Beyond its practical benefits, window tint adds a touch of style to your vehicle’s appearance.

A Clever Way to Save on Car Tinting

A Clever Way to Save on Car Tinting

Believe it or not, a savvy buying strategy could get your car tinted for free. Most electric vehicles (EVs) offer a choice between two-wheel diameters, typically 19 or 21 inches. However, those larger 21-inch wheels have a hefty price tag and a hidden cost—they reduce your car’s range.

For instance, if you opt for 21-inch rims on a Tesla 90D, it’ll cost you a substantial $5900, and it’ll also eat into your range due to the extra energy needed to turn those larger wheels (see the equation below). On the other hand, investing in full high-performance ceramic tint costs just a fraction of the price of those oversized wheels, and it adds up to a smart choice.

  • 21” Rims + Using AC = $5900 and 465KM range
  • 19” Rims + Complete High-Performance Ceramic Tint = $590 and 522KM range

So, by pairing the smaller wheels with ceramic tint, you not only save money but also boost your EV’s range—a win-win for both your wallet and your driving experience.


We hope we have answered the question “Can window tint increase your EV’s range?”.

Applying window tint on your car saves you $5350 when buying your EV. It also makes your car go over 10% farther on each charge. Plus, it keeps you more comfortable and protects you from 99% harmful UV rays. So, it’s a big win all around! 

Just contact us, and we’ll start improving your EV right away.

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  • Is it okay to tint your Tesla?

When tinting your Tesla windows, the safest choice is ceramic window tint. Unlike some other types of window tints, ceramic tint won’t mess with your GPS or cell phone signals and won’t cause any problems for the tech inside your car.

  • Does Tinting Your Tesla Affect the Warranty?

If your aftermarket tinting causes damage to the windshield, it’s important to note that Tesla’s warranty won’t cover the repair costs for that specific issue. However, the warranty remains fully valid for other aspects of the car, such as the battery and commuter components.

  • What’s the Tesla Factory Tint Percentage?

The factory tint on Tesla windows is set at 20% VLT (Visible Light Transmission). In simpler terms, this tint allows 20% of visible light to pass through while keeping the glass transparent, as most Tesla owners would describe it. According to Tesla, this 20% tint is also designed to provide protection against harmful UV rays.


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