pros and cons of installing ppf on your car

As a car owner, you constantly see ads for aftermarket products that promise to enhance your vehicle’s performance or help preserve its pristine appearance. However, while most of these products are often duds. Installing a paint protection film actually helps save both your car’s exteriors and money. This blog will outline all the pros and cons of installing PPF on your vehicle to help you see the benefits clearly for yourself.

Now, it’s a proven fact that high-quality paint protection films act as a protective shield for your car’s expensive paint job. PPF can protect your vehicle from dangers like roadside debris, insect splatter, bird droppings, chemical damage, light scratches, etc.

While PPF is an excellent addition to your vehicle, self-installation is not for everybody. It’s always best to get your Clear Bra installation done professionally to enjoy long-lasting protection. However, we will get into that later on.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of installing PPF on your vehicle. However, You may also check How XPEL Paint Protection Film Works?

Discover the Key Advantages of Installing PPF On Your Car

As stated above, a high-performance PPF can protect your auto motive’s custom paintwork from everyday dangers like rock chips, flying gravel, stone damage, swirl marks, etc.

As the top-rated installers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul. Bravo has performed Clear Bra installation on thousands of vehicles. Over 25 years of installing paint protection films, we have learned about the things that matter the most.

In our experience, XPEL Ultimate Plus offers the best protection for your vehicle’s smooth exteriors as it encapsulates the best of the company’s innovative spirit and cutting-edge technology.

installing ppf

In this blog, we will describe describing the paint protection properties of XPEL Ultimate Plus while discussing the pros of installing PPF on your car.

Let’s Explore the Pros of Installing PPF on Your Car

  1. It’s Perfectly Safe for Your Brand New Paint Job

Many car owners feel apprehensive about installing a thermoplastic urethane film on their shiny new car. Well, your car won’t shine for long if you don’t install protection on it. Every time you take your car out, you risk its beautiful paint job being damaged by:

  • Light scratches or chips from roadside debris, flying gravel and rocks, etc.
  • Insect splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.
  • Discoloration from acid rain or chemical spills
  • Paint cracks from extreme heat, fading caused by harmful UV radiation, etc.

However, installing a well-formulated PPF creates a crystal clear protective shield around your car’s exterior surfaces. The paint protection film is also 100% transparent and 8 mils or 0.0008 inches thin for an extremely clear finish.

  1. You Can Opt for Clear Bra in a Matte or Gloss Finish

Many vehicle owners are very particular about their car’s finish and do not wish to compromise on its aesthetics. Well, XPEL Ultimate Plus comes in both a matte and glossy look.

Bravo recommends going for a glossy finish on your Clear Bra or PPF installation to add depth and shine to your car’s original paint surface.

However, if you prefer the matte finish, we can do that, too. So, installing PPF on your car doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the type of finish you want.

  1. Comes with a Hydrophobic Top-Coat

The best automotive protection films come with a hydrophobic top-coating. The coating acts as a wax hood that repels water and liquid chemicals, causing them to bead up and run off instead of damaging your car paint.

Now, that’s a definite advantage, wouldn’t you say?
  1. Has Self-Healing Properties

Self-healing properties may sound like a tall claim. Yet, XPEL’s Clear Bra film has a top coat capable of repairing minor scratches and swirls with simple heat application.

  1. Customize Your Coverage

If you don’t want to install PPF along the entire length of your car, you can opt for partial coverage instead. Critical spots easily damaged or scratched include the hood, fenders, and mirrors.

At Bravo Protection Products, we offer flexible coverage packages that provide different degrees of coverage for varied budgets. Contact us today to learn more!

  1. It’s Easier to Install Than Other Protection Options

Installing PPF on your car involves far less hassle than other messier protection methods like ceramic coating or waxing. Bravo uses a special software with thousands of updated makes and models that allow us to laser cut patterns within 5 minutes. If you have a vintage car that requires a customized job, we can help you protect it, too.

  1. Protects Your Factory Paint for Over a Decade

XPEL’s Ultimate Plus carries a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an extended lifetime installation guarantee. Unlike low-quality films that yellow with age or start to peel off and crack. XPEL’s protection films last a long time with proper care and usage.

These are the Primary Disadvantages of Installing PPF On Your Car

After outlining the key benefits of installing PPF on your car, let us now consider its disadvantages.

  • The Upfront Costs are a Bit High

A high-quality paint protection film that offers long-lasting protection comes at a high cost. However, you need to be smart and consider the long-term cost benefits.

Durable and long-lasting paint protection film can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in paint chip repairs and repainting jobs.

  • Improper Application Can Destroy Your Car’s Look

A paint protection film must be applied with extra attention and care for a smooth coating without any air bubbles, swirls, or wrinkles.

This is where you need expert professionals who are well experienced in PPF application. As it requires both speed and patience. The incredible team at Bravo Protection Products combines over 50 years of experience in PPF installation. To ensure a flawless coating every time.

  • Require Extra Care and Caution

It’s a fact that you need to undertake certain extra precautions after installing PPF on your car. However, these will appear insignificant once you consider how it will save you from having to get multiple repainting jobs over the years.

Here are some care tips and precautions you must take after installing PPF on your ride:

  • Wash your car with mild soap and water. Secondly, do not use any strong products with harsh chemicals that may damage the PPF.
  • Do not use any products on your clear bra or paint protection film that contains kerosene, naphtha, or any dye. The dye can stain the film, while the other two can erode and destroy the thin film.
  • If you’re using a pressure washer to clean your car, keep the spray away from the edges of the PPF film to prevent it from pushing up under the edges of the film.
  • Remove contaminants like bug splatter, tree sap, and bird droppings as soon as possible.

That’s a Wrap

After listing down all the pros and cons of installing PPF on your car, the verdict seems pretty clear. Despite minor drawbacks, PPF offers the best protection for your drive’s stunning paintwork.

While the initial investment may seem high, the benefits of protecting your car’s exteriors against daily wear and tear and roadside dangers make PPF worth your dime.

Are you looking for swift and easy PPF installation on your automotive? Bravo offers the most trusted car paint protection solutions in the Twin Cities area.

Looking for the Best PPF Installation in Twin Cities, Minnesota? Contact Bravo Protection Products Today!

So, now that you know the benefits of installing PPF on your car, what are you waiting for? Contact Bravo Protection Products to get the best possible protection package for your wheels today!

At Bravo Protection Products, you’re not just getting your PPF installed by a group of XPEL-certified experts. However, Our team comprises enthusiasts who are as passionate about protecting your vehicle’s flawless appearance as you.

As one of the top PPF installation companies in the MidWest, our services are driven by our excellent customer service and well-trained technicians.

Additionally, each product we recommend to our clients is well-tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while maintaining a brilliant shine. Call us for an estimate today!


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