Keep Your Tesla Brand New with Ceramic Coating

Defend your Tesla by utilizing a high-gloss protective layer that eradicates the need for waxing while effectively repelling stains. A 4-year warranty backs the application.

Enhance Your Tesla's Look & Keep It Safe with Ceramic Coating in MN

XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating forms an unbreakable bond on a molecular level, cocooning and safeguarding the paint of your Tesla’s different models. Collaborating with the experts at Bravo Protection Products means your Tesla will soon glisten with a dazzling sheen.

Initiate the process with a complimentary estimate for your Tesla’s ceramic coating alternatives.
Experience the swiftness, simplicity, and mastery of Bravo Protection’s installation.
Drive with serenity and be assured that your Tesla’s exterior body and paint are fortified against the rigors of the road.

Explore Ceramic Coating Choices for Your Tesla

XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating forms an intricate molecular bond, enveloping and safeguarding the paint of your Tesla’s different models. Collaborating with the skilled team at Bravo Protection Products ensures a seamless journey.

Step 1

Request a complimentary evaluation of your Tesla’s ceramic coating alternatives.

Step 2

Experience Bravo Protection’s swift, seamless, and expert installation.

Step 3

Cruise confidently, knowing your Tesla’s exterior paint and body are fortified against road hazards.

Step 4

Turn heads and garner second glances as your Tesla boasts a new level of brilliance and color vibrancy4

Experience Your Tesla in a Different Way!

Introducing a durable ceramic coating designed specifically for your Tesla. This remarkable coating not only wards off contaminants but also safeguards your car’s paint, simplifying cleaning your vehicle.

Applying a ceramic coating to your Tesla serves as a shield for the original paint and its radiant finish. Moreover, the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating make cleaning even more effortless.
Who wouldn’t want to safeguard their investment in a Tesla?

Here are just a few more advantages that come along with the protective ceramic coating:

  • A brilliant, high-gloss appearance
  • Repellence against dirt, sap, bugs, and salt
  • A surface that can be effortlessly wiped clean
  • Enhanced resistance to scratches

Secure Your Tesla’s Appearance

Are you eager to ensure the investment you’ve made in your Tesla is safeguarded? XPEL Fusion Plus’s ceramic coating shields your vehicle and maintains its stunning appearance!

XPEL Fusion Plus Coating

Effortless Cleaning

Thanks to its hydrophobic attributes, the XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating repels liquids and dirt, rendering surfaces easier to clean.

Preserve Vehicle Value

By protecting your Tesla, you secure a higher resale value and vehicle esteem.

Exquisite Paint Luster

A ceramic coating will preserve your Tesla’s factory-fresh look – the need for vehicle waxing becomes a thing of the past.

Science in Action

XPEL FUSION PLUS forms an unbreakable molecular bond, sealing and shielding surfaces from environmental pollutants, harmful UV rays, and insect acids.

Elevated Paint Brilliance

FUSION PLUS ceramic coating resists minor scratches and fading, accentuating your Tesla’s color depth.

Assured Tranquility

Rest assured that you’re safeguarding your Tesla, offering you peace of mind.

Tesla Ceramic Coating at Bravo Protection


For Tesla owners, it’s advisable to steer clear of automatic car washes unless they’re touchless. This precaution isn’t due to the ceramic coating’s capabilities (it can easily handle non-abrasive automatic washes) but concerns the potential impact on sensors and charging ports.

Absolutely! The ceramic coating significantly prolongs your Tesla’s paint life by notably reducing the risk of damage from scratches, weather exposure, and the sun

The coating integrates with the painted surface, creating an additional functional layer. This molecular bond ensures the coating remains steadfast, unlike wax or sealant, which can be washed away.

The key benefits include effortless maintenance, hydrophobic properties, and a self-cleaning characteristic.

No, this particular ceramic coating doesn’t possess self-healing capabilities. However, we do offer a paint protection film with such features.

We recommend waiting 48 hours after the ceramic coating application before washing your Tesla. It allows the coating to fully dry. Furthermore, avoid cleaners containing ammonia. Our recommended option is the XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash, designed to encapsulate dirt while protecting your surface from scratches.


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