Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films transform the look of your windows from ordinary to extraordinary. They create a beautiful decorative effect to your interior space. By professionally decorating your commercial building’s windows, you can discover an enhanced look, feel, and value that will come to your space.

Our decorative window films and full-color graphic printing are here to help you create a customized look and to cater to your design specifications. Aesthetic appeal, increased privacy, and easy application and maintenance are just a few of the benefits of adding decorative glass to your home or office.


  • Colored Windows: Play with light through colored or tinted window films to keep dull, boring windows at bay.
  • Privacy: Privacy can be achieved without compromising light by frosted or patterned window film especially if you live in a densely populated neighborhood.
  • UV rays and Sunlight: Frosted film applied on window can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s UV light, which means lower chances of fading of furniture and floors. Tinted windows keep excessive light and heat out of your place.
  • Increased Safety: Applying any type of film to windows, clear or decorated, can help prevent broken glasses from shattering in an accident or calamity.
  • Changeable designs: It is easy to update window design by simply peeling the film. It does not leave any sticky residue.
  • Cost effective: Decorative window films are a fraction of the cost of etched glass and take less installation/application time and manpower.
  • Energy usage: Window films provide an extra insulation to keep your house cool that keeps air conditioners from over-loading especially in summers and thus saving energy and cost.
  • Brand Logo: We can design you an elegant customized film that incorporates your company’s logo and other brand elements.


  • Full-coverage decorative films: Want to give your office’s conference room a stunning new look? Frosted window films are the perfect solution to make your space more attractive and inviting. Our decorative window films can provide unlimited opportunities for creative expression.
  • Distraction markers: These types of films are not just for large glass doors or windows. They can be used on any type of glass surface. Distraction markers are typically a single strip of film applied to a glass surface that displays a personalized design. They’re great for branding, aesthetics and safety (they work as distractions so that people don’t walk into glass).
  • Gradient films: The benefit of a gradient window film is that you can choose to cover or reveal as much or as little, behind the glass as per need. A typical gradient goes from solid to transparent or visa – versa, however it can also go from light to dark, or dark to light when working with color films. Our designers can help you develop your own personalized film.
  • Color tint film: Perhaps you want to add color-specific tint on your office’s glass doors or windows that are branded with your company logo. You have the freedom to choose a desired color and design. You can prefer different level of opacity to give your space that sophisticated look.
Decorative Window Film


Make your home look modern and elegant with any of our decorative window films. A decorative window film in various areas of the home can easily increase its resale value as well as impress your guests. Window tinting in the home provides a decorative solution for shower doors, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets, and pantries.


Our decorative window films can provide stylish solutions for your office’s mundane conference rooms, curtain walls, storefronts, hallways, and even stairwells.

Decorative Window Film


Are you ready to give your home or office the new facelift it deserves? With an easily accessible location in Minneapolis MN, our professional and well trained staff can make your vision a reality. All we need is a little more information about your project, including the design specifications, size, location, and budget. Schedule a consultation with us to get started!

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