Commercial Decorative Window Films Minneapolis

Experience a privacy boost alongside a glass makeover.

Enhance Your Brand With A Unique Look, Increase Privacy, And Reduce Glare Using Commercial Decorative Window Films In Minneapolis

Decorative window films work well for businesses and commercial use, particularly in interior offices and conference rooms where extra privacy is required. Frosted films scatter light while keeping the room well-lit. You can also use creative patterns and corporate logos on interior windows to boost privacy and improve the overall look of your space.

Types of Decorative Glass

Full-Coverage Decorative Films

Want to make your office conference room look amazing? Our frosted window films are the perfect choice. They’ll boost the look and friendly feel of your space. These decorative window films let your creativity run wild on a blank canvas.

Distraction Markers

Distraction markers aren’t just for big glass doors or windows; you can use them on any glass surface. These markers usually come as a single strip of film with custom designs. They have many uses, from adding a personal touch and making things look good to keeping people safe by avoiding accidental bumps into glass.

Gradient Films

Gradient window films have a unique feature: you can choose to hide or show what’s behind the glass partly. This can go from fully see-through to not see-through or vice versa. You can also pick colors to go from light to dark or dark to light. Our talented designers can help make a custom gradient film that matches what you have in mind.

Color Tint Film

If you want to add your company’s colors to your office’s glass doors and windows, our color tint films are the way to go. You can pick the exact color and design that matches your company logo. You can also choose how much you want it to be see-through to give your workspace a more elegant look.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film

Colorful Windows

Say goodbye to boring windows. Explore the world of colored and tinted window films to add a touch of vibrancy.

Privacy with Light

Maintain your privacy while basking in natural light. Opt for frosted or patterned window films, especially in crowded neighborhoods.

UV Protection & Light Management

Shield your space from harmful UV rays with frosted films, reducing the risk of furniture and floor fading. Tinted films also help regulate excessive light and heat.

Energy Efficiency

Enjoy added insulation that keeps your space cool, reducing the strain on air conditioners and ultimately saving energy and costs.

Enhanced Safety

Whether a clear or decorative film, it adds a layer of protection by preventing shattered glass during accidents or emergencies.

Effortless Updates

Embrace change with ease by peeling off the film, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Budget-Friendly Elegance

Decorative window films offer an affordable alternative to etched glass, with quicker installation and less resource use.

Branded Personalization

Let us create a unique film featuring your company’s logo and brand elements for a touch of sophistication.

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