Tesla Window Tinting

The sun’s heat can activate your Tesla’s cabin overheat protection, leading to high battery consumption. Window tinting acts as a shield, maintaining a cooler interior and preserving battery life.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tesla Window Tinting

Increased Privacy
Cuts Down 98% of the Sun's Heat
Enhances How Your Vehicle Looks
Less Glare for Safer Driving
Keeps Your Car's Interior Safe from Sun Damage
Shields Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays
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Safeguard Your Tesla’s Battery with Window Tint

Every Tesla has a Cabin Overheat Protection feature that kicks in when your car’s interior hits 110 degrees while parked. But once your battery drops to 20%, this helpful feature goes to sleep, leaving you with a drained battery.

The Model 3, with its large glass surface, is particularly vulnerable to battery drain on scorching days. Tinting your Model 3’s windows lets you keep the cabin cool and avoid triggering the Cabin Overheat Protection. It saves your battery and boosts your Tesla’s mileage per charge, especially during sweltering summer days.

Why Choose Tesla Window Tinting?

  • Boosts Your Mileage on a Single Charge
  • Shields You from Harmful UV Rays
  • Keeps Your Cabin Cool and Stylish
  • Safeguards Your Battery
  • Reduces Annoying Sun Glare
  • Cuts Down on A/C Usage

Explore Different Tesla Window Tint Choices

Typical window films aim to tackle two tasks: keeping out heat and adding a stylish touch. Unfortunately, they often fall short on both fronts. However, unlike cheaper alternatives, XPEL’s PRIME ceramic films offer the protective advantages of window tint without compromising your view.


Elevate your driving comfort with XR Prime HP window tint! Its advanced blend of dyes and metals outperforms regular dyed films, blocking an exceptional amount of heat. Find the ideal balance of style and performance as the tinted color protects you from the sun’s intense heat. Choose your preferred tint level for a cooler and stylish ride.

XPEL Prime HP For Tesla Window Tinting


PRIME XR Ceramic Film uses advanced nano-ceramic technology to keep your windows looking crystal clear for many years. It blocks out as much as 88% of the sun’s infrared heat, giving you top-notch window tint performance without straining your wallet.

XPEL Prime XR Plus

With its advanced nano-ceramic design, PRIME XR Ceramic Film keeps looking great and crystal clear for many years. It also blocks out as much as 88% of the hot infrared sunlight, offering top-notch window tint performance without emptying your wallet.


Yes, we can! We use one 60-inch piece of window film to ensure a top-notch installation and maximize the lifespan of your tint. It covers those bigger and wider windows some Tesla models have.

Not really. Despite all the fancy tech under the hood, Tesla’s windows are standard.

It depends on various factors, but standard industry films typically go strong for about five years. However, if you take good care of it, our XPEL product often holds up for at least ten years!

Yes, waiting a bit is wise. Rolling them down too soon can harm the tint, like washing windows too early. Usually, four days is enough, but waiting a full week is safer.

Seeing bubbles after window tint installation is normal but should disappear within a week or two. If they stick around, the tint wasn’t put on right.

Not really. Different car sizes and windshields may require more product and effort, but the tinting process remains the same.

We offer the XPEL Prime XR (88% of infrared heat) and the XPEL Prime XR Plus (98% of infrared heat). Both films also provide SPF 1,000-rated protection against harmful UV rays.

That’s a bit tricky since every state has different tinting laws. To stay legal, check your state’s tinting regulations on a site like tintinglaws.com.

Two key tips: Use an ammonia-free cleaner like Invisible Glass or Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner, and opt for soft microfiber cloths to prevent any damage to your tint. Stay away from rough paper towels and the like.

Secure Your Tesla with Window Tinting and UV Protection

If you own a Tesla, you’re likely passionate about driving a safe car while keeping your expenses in check. But you might not know that Teslas have cabin overheat protection. It turns on the A/C when the interior gets over 110 degrees, even while parked. It can significantly reduce your miles per charge and energy efficiency.

But there’s good news! You can keep your Tesla cool, ensure privacy, and stay efficient.


Let Bravo Protection work its magic with XPEL Tesla window tinting!

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of entering a car baking in the sun. The hot cabin, stuffy air, and waiting for it to cool down can be a real hassle.

But for a Tesla owner, it’s more than an inconvenience. An overheated interior can trigger the Cabin Overheat Protection System, making the A/C run unnecessarily.

And we all know what happens when the A/C runs too much in an electric car: you get fewer miles per charge!

With tinted windows, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge too soon, dealing with an overheated cabin, or other inefficiencies that can easily be avoided.

After all, you chose your sleek car because you love the efficiency, eco-friendliness, and stunning style of a Tesla!

Get a quote today, or check out our local Bravo Protection location.


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