Residential Window Tinting – Your Shield Against Glare & Heat

Experience greater comfort and financial savings with residential window tinting.

Boost Your Privacy & Lower Your A/C Expenses Using Residential Window Tinting

Rooms turning into ovens, blinding sun rays, and expensive air conditioning bills can make you frustrated. But worry no more; Bravo Protection is here to solve all your problems with their window tinting services.

VISION Home Window Film offers various solar and security film solutions to meet multiple requirements. Our goal is to help you manage heat, reduce energy expenses, and uphold the comfort and protection you seek for your home.

Why Should You Invest in Residential Window Tint?

Firstly, it’s important to note that traditional tinting solutions often fail to address key factors for a safe and comfortable living space. However, home window tinting remains a popular choice for homes and residential properties. Additionally, Bravo’s home window films are designed to enhance safety and security for your family or tenants while effectively regulating indoor temperature fluctuations.

Types of Tints

Clear View Series

Featuring: Clear View Plus, Clear View Alloy, and Clear View Ceramic
The Clear View films are engineered to allow visible light while blocking Infrared heat and UV rays. This unique combination enhances visibility from both sides of the glass.

Metallic Series

Featuring: Evening View, Blend DR, Silver, and Bronze
Our Metallic films incorporate multiple layers to deliver superior performance across various applications, offering a strikingly reflective exterior appearance.

Neutral Series

Featuring: Daylight and Dark Neutral
They’re crafted to subtly enhance your existing glass. Neutral films reduce glare and heat without the typical reflective silver appearance.

Exterior Series

Featuring: Blend DR, Silver, Neutral, and Clear Performance
When interior glass applications aren’t feasible, our Exterior films provide high-performance solutions. They reduce heat and glare while maintaining a fresh and consistent exterior look.

What Bravo Protection Offers

XPEL Vision architectural window tinting is the perfect solution to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your residential home. Our advanced window films not only provide superior heat rejection, but also offer a stylish and modern appearance that complements your home’s architecture.

With XPEL Vision, you can enjoy a cooler, more energy-efficient living space while reducing glare and protecting your interior furnishings from harmful UV rays. Our high-quality window films are designed to maintain the clarity of your views, ensuring that your windows remain a source of natural light and beauty.

Additionally, our architectural window tinting enhances your privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your home. Whether you prefer a subtle, neutral tone or a more reflective finish, XPEL Vision offers a range of options to suit your style and needs.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with XPEL Vision architectural window tinting, making your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing.

Xpel Clear View Window Tinting

XPEL Clear View window tint is the ideal choice for homeowners seeking the perfect balance of protection and clarity. This advanced window film technology provides exceptional performance without obstructing your view or diminishing the natural light in your home.

With XPEL Clear View, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency, reduced glare, and protection from harmful UV rays, all while maintaining the utmost clarity of your surroundings. This means your interior spaces stay comfortably lit and visually inviting.

What sets XPEL Clear View apart is its nearly invisible appearance. You won’t notice any significant changes to the aesthetics of your windows, allowing the architectural beauty of your home to shine through. This innovative window tinting solution is designed to blend seamlessly with your residential surroundings, providing an unobtrusive yet highly effective solution.

In summary, XPEL Clear View window tint offers the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics, ensuring your home remains well-lit and stylish while benefiting from increased comfort, energy efficiency, and UV protection. It’s the clear choice for those who demand both functionality and visual appeal in their window tinting.

Xpel Metallic Evening View Window Tinting

Introducing XPEL Metallic Evening View window tint, a cutting-edge solution that combines style and performance for your residential windows. This advanced window film not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also delivers exceptional functionality during the evening hours.

XPEL Metallic Evening View offers a striking metallic appearance that adds a touch of elegance to your windows, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home. It’s perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated look that complements various architectural styles.

This dual-purpose solution ensures your privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your home, making XPEL Metallic Evening View window tint the perfect choice for homeowners who desire both style and functionality. Enjoy the beauty and practicality of your residential windows with this innovative window tint.

Instant & Smooth Installation

Our process is quick and effortless. We’ll come to your residence and handle all the work, so there’s no need to clean windows or rearrange the furniture.

Request a Free Estimate

We’ll discuss your options to help you select the suitable window film while ensuring you receive a competitive quote.

Quick and Expert Installation

The installation process is fast and professionally managed. Our skilled technicians take care of everything, making it hassle-free for you.

Discover the Joys of a More Comfortable Home

Once the installation is complete, you can relax and experience improved privacy and cooler, more comfortable spaces in your home.

Advantages of Residential Window Tinting

Save on Energy Costs

Window tint film can pay for itself with up to 30% lower energy expenses. About 70% of your air conditioning bill comes from heat entering through windows. Window tint keeps this heat out, reducing energy costs that often cover the tinting investment in just 2 to 3 years, putting money back in your pocket.

Enhance Room Comfort

Window film blocks up to 98% of the solar energy that heats rooms, keeping your home cooler in hot weather. It also helps retain heat during winter, making your home comfortable year-round. By reducing the intensity of sunlight, you can enjoy all your rooms without excessive heat.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Sun Glare

Tired of squinting in too-bright, overly-hot rooms? Window tint film can reduce sunlight to a comfortable level, making it easier to work and relax while maintaining a cooler environment.

Preserve Your View Without the Heat

Our nearly invisible window tint film allows ample natural light into your home while blocking UV rays and solar heat. This means you can enjoy your views comfortably without sacrificing the open feel of your living space.

Daytime Privacy

Tinted windows provide daytime privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing inside your home. At night, however, tint won’t stop interior light from shining outside, so you’ll need shades or blinds for full privacy. Consider our automatic roller shades and blinds for hassle-free window coverage.

Prevent Interior Fading

Protect your valuable furniture and floors from fading caused by harmful UV rays that penetrate glass. Window film can reduce fading by up to 99% by blocking invisible Ultraviolet Rays (UVA, UVB, and UVC), preserving your furnishings and decor.

Family Protection

Window film safeguards your family from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, known to increase the risk of cancer, melanoma, cataracts, and eye degenerative diseases. It’s a crucial shield against these health risks.

Why Bravo Protection?

The quality of your window tint depends on its flawless application. A ripple-free, bubble-free installation is crucial for the film’s effectiveness and durability. With over two decades of experience, our window tinting experts ensure a job is done right the first time.

Why Choose Us

  • Window Tinting Experts with 20+ Years of Experience
  • We Handle Every Aspect from Start to Finish
  • Professional, Reliable Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Known for Punctual Installations

We bring our prompt and professional service to every project, whether a decades-old window in a home, a new office building, a single door, or a multi-million-dollar yacht. Our estimates are transparent, breaking down the costs by each piece of glass and providing you with an “exact price” quote based on square footage. You can trust that the competitive price we offer is the final one.

The Downsides of Not Having Residential Window Tint

  • Don’t let your home suffer without window tint. Without it, you may:
    • Keep overspending on A/C until your bill is double or even triple the tinting cost.
    • Battle sun glare and endure uncomfortable, sweltering rooms.
    • Risk losing your investments in flooring, furniture, and artwork exposed to harsh sunlight.

    Who wants to endure discomfort or pay more for cooling?

    With premium window tinting from Bravo Protection, you can cut your air conditioning costs, safeguard your home investments, and enjoy year-round comfort.

    Contact us at (952) 476-7025 now, and we’ll assist you in selecting the ideal window tint film for your house.

Are you planning an upgrade and interested in XPEL Vision Film? Contact us at your convenience, and we’ll address any questions.

FAQs about Residential Window Films

Traditional glass windows block a mere 40% of UV rays. Window film, on the other hand, can block as much as 99% of these harmful rays. This not only reduces potential damage to your furniture and electronics but also contributes to energy cost savings.

If you’re aiming to enhance privacy in your home, consider using dark window tint. For instance, a tint with a 15% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is an excellent choice.

Tinting your home’s windows offers numerous advantages. These benefits encompass enhanced privacy, shielding against harmful UV rays that can harm your electronics and furniture, reducing glare, and saving on energy costs.

The durability of residential window tinting varies based on several factors. It depends on the materials used, the specific window it’s applied to, the window’s orientation, and the local climate. However, with XPEL window film, you can anticipate a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Certainly! You can apply window tint to specific sections of your home’s windows if that’s your preference.

Yes, it is possible, but it may seem more complex than it is. It’s advisable to either enlist the services of a professional or conduct thorough research before attempting the task yourself.

While we’re happy to assist with your residential window tint installation, you do have the option to do it yourself. Just keep in mind that the quality of the DIY installation will have a notable impact on the longevity of the window film.

It’s important to let residential window tint settle for 2-3 weeks before you handle or clean it. Once that time has passed, you can safely clean the windows, but steer clear of ammonia cleaners. Stick to warm water or mild cleaning solutions, and use a microfiber cloth or chamois to maintain your windows’ clarity.

No, window tint doesn’t offer nighttime privacy. If you’re looking for complete privacy at night without needing curtains or blinds, your sole choice is a one-way mirror film designed for night vision.

Unlike vehicles, there are no specific regulations governing the use of window tints in residential properties.

The time needed to tint your home’s windows varies based on the number of windows you want. Tinting an entire house can take a full day, while a few windows may be completed within an hour. After you contact us, we can provide you with an estimate within a day or two, and we aim to finish the installation within a week.

Experience the Difference with Our Residential Window Film Options for Your Home

Is there a room in your home that gets too much sun? If so, you know the downsides: annoying sun glare, temperature fluctuations, and fading furniture. It’s time to swap these issues for consistent comfort, lower cooling costs, reduced glare, and enhanced privacy with Bravo Protection’s home window tinting services!

Investing in window tinting for your home is a wise decision. Here’s why:

Firstly, it boosts your home’s comfort. Say goodbye to sun glare and uncomfortable rooms. With XPEL Vision Home & Office Window Film, you can keep your space cool while enjoying the outside view.

Secondly, it’s a smart financial move. Tinting your home’s windows reduces both heating and cooling expenses. Without window film, the sun can damage your flooring, furniture, and artwork, costing you more in the long run.

The best part? Adding window tint to your home is 91% cheaper than replacing the windows. In most cases, residential window tinting pays for itself in about three years.

Since 1997, Bravo Protection has been a trusted name for residential window tinting in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. We’re expanding our service areas across the U.S., ensuring more homeowners can benefit from our top-notch products and services.


Are you ready to give your home or office the new facelift it deserves? With an easily accessible location in Minneapolis MN, our professional and well trained staff can make your vision a reality. All we need is a little more information about your project, including the design specifications, size, location, and budget. Schedule a consultation with us to get started!

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