Minnesota Window Tint Laws

Commercial window Tinting

There are many benefits of window tinting. For some, it’s about privacy or protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. Others opt for window tinting as they like how their tinted windows look, or perhaps they need darkened windows due to medical issues. Regardless of knowing what it is and why you need it, it’s also necessary to understand the Minnesota Window Tint Laws.
Minnesota’s current tint laws were passed in 1985, but the latest updates just went into effect in 2020 (2020 Minnesota Statutes). Minnesota Window Tint Laws establish the minimum amount of visible light that can pass through your car’s windows.
Tinting laws in the state of Minnesota are based on two measures. One is known as VLT or Visible Light Transmission, which states the percentage of light that passes through your car’s window film and glass and reaches its interior. To ensure enough light passes into your vehicle, Minnesota has set a minimum number that you must meet for your vehicle to be on the road.

Commerical Window Tinting

The second measure is tint reflection. Heavily reflective tints could have an impact on other drivers. Therefore Minnesota has set a limit on what percent of light is reflected by your windows. Tinted windows help reduce heat and glare by reflecting light, but they should not inconvenience others.
Further, many Minnesota State Troopers keep window tint meters in their patrol cars to test the light visibility of those suspected of darkening their windows beyond the legal limit.

We at Bravo Protection products aim to provide all the necessary information about window tinting, including how dark or reflective the tint is allowed in Minnesota. There are other additional car window tinting rules and regulations in your state, so make sure you read all about it below. If you have any questions about window tinting, please visit us or contact us at our Wayzata Blvd location.

Window Tint darkness – What does VLT mean according to Minnesota State Laws?

Commercial Window Tinting can easily be done using Bravo’s superior safety and security window films. Safety and security window films add a protective barrier to the existing glass to strengthen it and to prevent shards of glass from flying dangerously inwards if the window gets damaged.
Whether your concern is forced entry or burglary, or damage from extreme weather events, safety and security window films are an affordable solution. They keep your windows intact even after repeated impacts.

Tint darkness for sedans:

  • Front Side windows: More than 50% of light should pass through.
  • Back Side windows: More than 50% of light should pass through.
  • Rear Window: More than 50% of light should pass through.
  • Windshield: There shouldn’t be any tint on the windshield.

Tint darkness for SUVs and Vans

  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 50% of light to pass through.
  • Back Side windows: You can ask us to use any amount of darkness.
  • Rear Window: You can ask us to use any amount of darkness
  • Windshield: There shouldn’t be any tint on the windshield.

Window Tint reflection in Minnesota

Window tint reflects incoming light and reduces heat and glare. Minnesota window tint law permits a specific window reflection when using a tint, so make sure you pay attention to this as well.

Tint reflection for sedans:

  • Front Side windows: Mustn’t be more than 20% reflective.
  • Back Side windows: Mustn’t be more than 20% reflective.

Tint reflection for SUVs and Vans:

  • Front Side windows: Mustn’t be more than 20% reflective.
  • Back Side windows: Mustn’t be more than 20% reflective.

Other Important Minnesota Window Tint Rules and Regulations

Minnesota has a few other important things that you’ll need to consider when window tinting your vehicle, and we recommend that you check them out:

Yes, all tint colors are allowed in Minnesota.

Manufacturers don’t need to certify the window film they sell in the state.

Side mirrors are only required in Minnesota if your view is obstructed from the windshield mirror.

Yes, the sticker identifying legal tinting is required between the film & glass on the driver side window.

Minnesota allows medical exemptions for special tint.
Keep in mind that Minnesota tint laws can change periodically, and these rules & regulations may be interpreted differently on a county to county or city to city basis.
Always remember that your county or place of residence may interpret Minnesota tinting laws and regulations differently. We always recommend double-checking with your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or law enforcement authorities.

Commerical Window Tinting

Exceptions to Window Tinting Laws in Minnesota

If you are among those who opt to tint their windows for medical purposes, such as stopping their migraines from getting triggered by light. In that case, you can get an exception to the state’s tint laws but with a doctor’s prescription stating the medical need. And to ensure the document satisfies any potential issues, make sure you keep it in your car at all times.

Some vital information that it should include:

  • The specific VLT percentage that you need
  • An expiration date, which is less than two years old from the date the document was issued to the patient

Looking for Window Tinting Services for your Vehicle, Home, or office?

At Bravo Protection Products, we’re committed to adhering to all Minnesota Window Tint Laws, rules, and regulations. Therefore, we at Bravo always stay updated and compliant with all codes for all vehicles that we service.
If you’re looking for Window Tinting your car, Clear bra Paint Protection, Safety and Security Window Films, Ceramic Coating, Decorative, and Boat Window, give us a call. We serve car owners in Minneapolis – St. Paul, and surrounding areas in Minnesota. Our Window Tinting experts can help you pick the right tint for your car and professionally apply it while keeping in mind all the Minnesota Window Tint Laws and Regulations.


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