Clear Bra Paint Protection Films Costs

If you’ve recently purchased your car or had multi-stage paint correction done, you’ll need a good quality paint protection film (PPF) before the dirt, road grime, bugs, and birds get to it. That’s easy to do with paint protection film (PPF).

If you drive your car daily, you can’t escape scuffs, scratches, stone chips, or gradual wear and tear. Frequent road trips and long highway drives will have the front end hammered by flying rocks and debris from the road. Additionally, sometimes even the most professionally-applied coatings are not able to protect your paint from mechanical damage – which is why you need paint protection film!

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Paint Protection Film (PPF) Pros

Paint Protection Film

The automotive paint protection film is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film applied to the top layer of the car’s paint. It is either transparent or colored and has self-healing properties. It’s true! Your car’s PPF can repair itself if it gets scratched up. How? It’s made with an elastomeric polymeric substance that helps maintain its shape once stretched, and that’s how PPF can self-heal minor scratches!

Let’s discuss some more pros of Paint Protection Films:


Many of today’s high-quality Paint protection films can last more than 5 years of continuous use. Remember, you get what you pay for; if you choose a low-quality film just because it’s cheap, be prepared as it’ll not last very long at all. Our recommendation – always consider world-class PPF brands, such as XPEL.

Easy to Remove

The best part about auto PPFs wraps is that they can be removed by professional installers leaving almost no trace of them ever being there. Want to sell your car with a perfect paint finish, remove the film, and your customer will be amazed at the bodywork condition.

Customizable For Your Needs

It’s easy to target specific vehicle areas with die-cut anti-chipping films or wrap whole body panels, as appropriate to your project.

They have Hydrophobic Properties

Most automotive paint protection films are hydrophobic, meaning liquids and contaminants will bead up and runoff (like a waxed hood). It makes it easier to preserve the brilliant luster of your paint job when it repels dirt, mud, oils, smudges, and streaks.

Reduced orange peel & lack of glue marks

It’s common for some substandard protection films to leave glue marks after the installation. XPEL PPF doesn’t leave these marks or create an orange peel finish.

High-temperature resistance

Many modern PPFs have this nano-tech that helps provide a heat shield, blocking UV and IR radiation from penetrating the vehicle’s surface materials. High-temperature resistance in XPEL films keeps headlights from fogging or fading, which maintains your on-road visibility.

Vehicle Exposure

Using your vehicle as a mobile advertisement means that you can reach 50-60k viewers every day. Compare that to television or radio ads, and it factors well in your favor. But the exposed paint in your vehicle must be protected when it’s being used for marketing, or else your rolling advert will look shabby and reflect badly on your company.

Additional Benefits:

  • Superior protection against rock chips and scratches
  • It prevents the formation of paint swirls
  • Unbelievable superhero kind self-healing properties
  • It can last up to 5-10 years if maintained properly

Paint protection also defends against anything the road throws your way

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films Costs

The first scratch is the worst, so make your car’s paint look newer longer with XPEL Paint Protection Films, one of the industry’s highest quality, most durable PPFs. With a virtually invisible shield and high-gloss,  XPEL PPF shields your vehicles from the damages of everyday driving.

XPEL PPF is the defense you need against road rash:

  • Road debris
  • Winter salt & sand
  • Rocks and pebbles

Further, the self-healing XPEL paint protection film also provides a strong defense and protects the areas of your vehicle most vulnerable to damage, like:

  • Bumpers
  • Hood
  • Side-view mirrors
  • Rocker panels
  • Fenders
  • Door edges, handles, and steps

Paint Protection Film FAQ’s

Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

You must have realized by now that paint protection films are a brilliant product, especially when they protect the exterior of your car from things like airborne debris damage. That said, we at Bravo Protection Products still get a lot of questions from car owners about the Paint Protection Film installation process, with the following being the most asked ones.

1. What is the most crucial factor in choosing a PPF installer?

When it comes to installing PPF, experience matters a lot; unlike a vinyl wrap, paint protection products can be tricky to install correctly. That’s why it’s always best to work with Bravo Protection, a certified PPF installer with solid reviews in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area.

2. What type of warranties is available with PPF products?

It depends upon the product you use and who installed it. We’ve seen various PPF products being offered with many different warranties. The most common warranties range from 5-10 years, but that only covers manufacturer defects. You’ll be out of luck if there’s an issue with the prep chemicals used or the shop doing the install. Rest assured, we’re counted as one of the best and most trusted PPF installers in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. So, it is our responsibility to make sure your product is covered in the warranty.

3. Are certain PPF products better than others? 

Reviews of PPF products depend upon quality, longevity, ease of installation, and cost. Also, XPEL still seems to hold the crown for the highest PPF, and when you visit Bravo Protection, we can tell you a lot more about it.

4. How long are you planning on keeping the vehicle?

If you’re among those who trade their vehicle every few years and want to have the best trade-in value, a Paint Protection Film installation on the front end is an excellent, cost-effective option to consider. If you are going to keep your vehicle for a long time, consider a full vehicle installation or a combination of paint protection film (PPF) and Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating by XPEL.

PPFs are exceptional products for keeping your car, SUV, truck, RV, boats, or commercial equipment looking factory fresh. And believe us when we tell you that Paint Protection Films are more affordable than you’d assume, especially when your new vehicle requires less paint correction or prep work.

5. Can You Apply Paint Protection Film to Headlights?

Absolutely. Installing XPEL PPF on high-exposed areas like the front end, front bumper, hood, grille, fender, door edges, side-view mirrors, and of course, the headlights, as well as fog lights, are a brilliant idea. It’ll help protect those areas from rock chips, tree branches, and other hard road debris. It’ll also provide a shield against bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, and other natural contaminants.

Visit Bravo Protection to protect your car’s paint from damage & maximize its resale value

Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

Keep your vehicle looking newer longer with Paint Protection Installation from Bravo Protection. We use XPEL, the most durable and best-in-class paint protection film that helps protect the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle from roadside hazards.

If you’re curious about the Paint Protection Film installation cost, call us on 952-476-7025 or email us at

And if you’re convinced PPF is the best option for you, visit Bravo Protection now!


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