A Comprehensive Guide to Paint Protection Film for your Tesla Model 3

Your beloved Tesla does not have to age. Ensure your Tesla Model 3 keeps looking like a masterpiece by installing a PPF wherever you go!

How Paint Protection Film Can Protect Your Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is a magnificent-looking electric car, and protecting its stunning exteriors must be a top priority for every proud Tesla owner. Installing a PPF can make the job much easier. 

A Paint Protection Film is a transparent, super glossy, and smooth thermoplastic urethane film that can stretch across the Tesla’s body to protect it from damage. 

This invisible shield also effectively safeguards your vehicle from harmful UV rays, reduces the chances of color fading, and preserves the quality of your interior.

The PPF’s non-yellowing properties also prevent discoloration, a common concern for Tesla owners, thus maintaining the paint’s vibrancy. A correctly installed PPF on a Tesla Model 3 also saves you from costly paint repairs.

So, it’s a perfect go-to solution for many Tesla owners who invariably want to preserve the beauty of their vehicles for years to come.

Get Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection Services from licensed, experienced PPF Installers in Minnesota

The PPF for Tesla Model 3 in Minnesota can be applied directly onto the existing paint without causing damage to the factory paint job. 

At Bravo Protection, our PPF experts have been protecting the exteriors of Tesla owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, for over twenty years. We shield your Tesla’s factory paint from environmental aggressors like dirt, rocks, debris, mud, sun, and rain.

Our XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF & XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film has superior protection properties, keeps away damage, and increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Install the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF for Tesla Model 3

The XPEL Ultimate is “The World’s First Self-Healing Film” developed with ‘self-healing’ properties to protect a car’s surfaces against environmental contaminants or road damage. The XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF is virtually unnoticeable, leaving a high-gloss shine on wrapped surfaces. 

When left out in the heat, it can rid itself of scratches, swirls, and minor blemishes. Ultimately, XPEL Ultimate Plus is designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need on the open road, keeping your Tesla Model 3 surfaces safe.

XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film for Tesla Model 3

XPEL STEALTH features the same self-healing properties as Ultimate Plus and is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty. It’s a matte-finish PPF that turns gloss into a matte that feels like satin. It goes from a regular-looking Tesla to a nice matte-looking finish that is not available right out of the gates of the Tesla factory.

Installing the Xpel Stealth for the Tesla Model 3 can protect it against chips, scratches, road debris, and staining, eliminating the need for frequent polishing.  By wrapping the Tesla Model 3 in XPEL Stealth PPF, you don’t have to worry about the delicate paint. It allows you to drive without worry, making your car look its best and protecting your Tesla for years.

Benefits of Choosing XPEL Paint Protection Film for Tesla Model 3

Advanced Self-Healing Technology

The state-of-the-art PPF automatically repairs minor abrasions and marks, ensuring your Tesla Model 3 exterior remains impeccable and lustrous. 


Installing Paint Protection Film on the Tesla Model 3 prevents discoloration caused by environmental factors, increasing its longevity and durability. 

Ease of Maintenance

PPF for Tesla makes cleaning simple and helps maintain a high-gloss finish, reducing the need for waxes and other polishes.

Hide Microscopic Paint Imperfections

The nanotechnology infused in the adhesive of PPF improves the paintwork’s depth, gloss, and shine, making Tesla vehicles shiny and clean. 

Boost Aesthetics

When applied, PPFs help maintain the original color and offer your Tesla an attractive finish.

Preserves Resale Value

PPFs can increase Tesla’s resale value and the ability to enjoy extended durability without compromising aesthetic beauty.

Safeguard Your Tesla Model 3 with XPEL Paint Protection Film

The XPEL Paint Protection Films are lightweight, transparent, and ideal for your Tesla Model 3, providing superior scratch, chip, and weather protection. For over 20 years in PPF installation, Bravo Protection has simplified the process into three simple steps :

Step 1

Request a “complimentary estimation” for the paint protection choices available for your Tesla.

Step 2

 Visit your Bravo Paint Protection location in Plymouth, MN, with your Tesla for expert installation.

Step 3

Sit Back and relax as XPEL’s Paint Protection film protects and maintains the integrity of your Tesla’s paint finish.


The answer is NO. The Tesla does not come with Paint Protection Film (PPF), either standard or as a factory option. However, you can install the PPF through a professional, reputable installer authorized by the top industry brands and enjoy the stunning Tesla look for years.

Yes, PPF is highly recommended for the Tesla Model 3. Installing PPF when the Tesla is brand-new protects its shiny signature appearance and increases its resale value.

It is recommended that you get the PPF as soon as you get the vehicle. Driving the Tesla unprotected will increase the service cost, and there is no guarantee that the damage will quickly vanish. 

The Paint Protection Film comes with a one-year warranty against a wide range of issues, including fading or yellowing of the film.

The XPEL paint protection film provides the ultimate protection for the paint job, enhances the stunning appearance, and increases the resale value of the Tesla Model 3.

If you decide to carry out the installation “at home,” then it is possible that you can damage the paintwork. Therefore,  a helping hand of XPEL-certified technicians is essential for a 10-year film quality guarantee. 

The long-term benefits of the Paint Protection Film for the Tesla Model 3 make it a worthwhile investment. The self-healing properties of PPF reduce the visibility of scratches and maintain a flawless finish. It prevents potential costly repairs and preserves the vehicle’s resale value. 

Let's Get Started!

Choosing the proper protection for your Tesla’s exterior is crucial. Installing Paint Protection film for the Tesla Model 3 will perfectly guard against any physical damage from rock dings and chips. The PPF can be curved, stretched, and molded around the car’s corners and bends.

There is no better form of protection than the XPEL Ultimate Plus & XPEL Stealth protective film (PPF). The XPEL Paint Protection Film safeguards your car’s beauty and acts as a barrier against everyday hazards on the road. 

Give your Tesla the protection it deserves; consider Paint Protection Film installed by experts at Bravo Protection. We offer premier PPF solutions for your Tesla. The paint protection films come packed with various attributes for Tesla owners seeking to protect and enhance their vehicles.



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