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About Us Bravo Protection Products – Certified 3M Window Tinters

Operating out of Minnetonka Minnesota, Bravo Protection Products is passionate about the products and services that it provides. With over 40 years of combined experience, Bravo Protection Products has become the Twin Cities’ premier Clear Bra and Window Tint Specialists, offering the installation of clear bras and 3M window tinting. It is through their skill and these products that Bravo is able to adequately protect your automobile, home, and office. It is through dedication to the client, doing the job right the first time, and speed of service that has resulted in Bravo being deemed one of the best window tinting and paint protection companies in the Midwest.



Tom Prezioso

Tom Prezioso believes in quality protection services at affordable prices. No matter what you drive, you should be able to protect your vehicle. A master of clear bra installations, he has practiced his craft for nearly fifteen years, installing clear bra kits on over 20,000 vehicles. Above all, he treats each vehicle as though it were his own. His precision, knowledge, experience, and care for the customer has made him one of the best and most trusted figures in the installation market.


Charlie Gilbertson

Charlie Gilbertson has worked in the window tinting business for over 18 years. He has been involved in every aspect of the industry including installation, sales, and management. Due to this progressive experience, he is uniquely qualified to meet customers’ needs. He has hands-on experience with almost every make and model of vehicle manufactured. His craftsmanship won him the coveted “Most Wanted Tinter” awarded by Performance Films Distributing.


Services That Provide Value For The Money

We provide you with the best 3M window tinting and Paint protection services in the Twin Cities metro.  We offer both Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra applications as well as 3M Pro Series Clear Bra applications. Our services include:

  • Car Window Tinting – Our automotive window tinting will also make your vehicle more comfortable, reduce the transfer of UV rays through the windows (heat reduction and upholstery protection), and increase security and safety by keeping broken windows from shattering.
  • Residential Window Tinting Even homes can benefit from tinted windows. Residential window tinting is a great way to protect what’s inside your home from UV rays, as well as help you maintain a consistent temperature. Tinted windows at home can also enhance your privacy.
  • Commercial Window Tinting – Just as residential window tint protects a home, commercial window tint can reduce heat transfer, protect the interior from UV rays, and provide more security in case someone breaks the windows.
  • Paint Protection Film – Protect the body of your vehicle against debris and other elements that can cause damage to its paint.

Each one of these services is designed to provide you with affordable protection so that you can preserve your larger investment’s appearance and value.

Over 40 Years Of Combined Experience

When you turn to Bravo Protection Products to take care of your tinting needs, you can count on experience and this experience means that there is a great deal of skill involved. It is this skill that has resulted in Bravo being the chosen installer of window tint and paint protection film for car dealerships all around Minneapolis & St. Paul, as well as the preferred installer of commercial window tint throughout the Twin Cities. Thousands of individuals throughout the metro area have also recognized that Bravo is the best at what it does, resulting in many individual customers contacting Bravo about protecting their cars and window tinting their residential & commercial windows.

Commitment To The Client

One of the keys to our success is our referrals, which stems from high customer satisfaction. We display a strong commitment to the client because we are attentive to our clients’ every need. We dedicate ourselves to each and every job because we take pride in the fact that we do business the old fashioned way and that is that we do the job right the first time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our limited lifetime warranty is a reflection of our confidence in our skills and our product. This warranty covers product defects and any errors in the work. While it does not cover regular wear and tear, we only use the best and do our best so that our window tinting and paint protection products last for the long-term.

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To learn more about our automotive window tint, paint protection services, commercial building window tinting, and residential window tinting, call us today at 952-476-7025.