Installing Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Still Don’t know what Paint Protection Film (PPF) does for your car? Read on:

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also referred to as Clear Bra. It is a thin, flexible layer that’s placed over your car’s body panels. It is meant to protect it from chips, scratches, rocks, or other debris while driving.

This polyurethane film is not much thicker than 8 mm thick. It’s a premium product usually for vehicles that need protection from chips and scratches and the damage that can be done by the sun’s UV rays.  When installed by professionals like we have here at Bravo Protection, the paint protection film is hardly noticeable on the vehicle.

PPF is an excellent way to protect your car, but some people still doubt its potential. Read on to know why it’s one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle.

Why is Paint Protection Film (PPF) an Investment in Your Car’s Future?

Investing in Paint Protection Film (PPF)PPF is a popular product for several different reasons.

Here are a few of the great benefits that PPF brings to your prized vehicle:

  1. Protects Your cars from Damage by Scratches & Chemicals

Scratches build up moisture, causing rust. Yet another common cause of car body damage is excessive exposure to chemicals from environmental elements and surprisingly harsh cleaners. PPF protects your vehicle from these damages by creating a chemical barrier between the body of your vehicle & its features.

  1. Offers Superior Protection

Many new cars have a clear coat sprayed on top of the colored base coat. The base coat helps to protect against minor scratches. However, truth being told, they don’t offer nearly the same level of protection as Paint Protection Film.

Paint Protection Film is much thicker and stronger than paint layers. This enables it to protect against flying rocks or even small hailstones before they even begin to damage your vehicle’s exterior. In addition, many modern PPFs, such as XPEL PPFs, are fortified with UV protection to help defend your vehicle’s paint from sun damage over time.

  1. Helps Save Money on Expensive Repairs

Dents, chips, and scratches can go unnoticed for a long time. But if not fixed in a timely fashion, a dent can cause severe long-term damage to your car’s paint. And if ignored, the dent can eventually lead to rust. Even minor dents can lead to serious concerns such as underlying structural damage. The greatest way to avoid damage caused by scratches or dents is by preventing them altogether, and PPF does precisely that.

  1. Easy to Fix

If an inevitable piece of debris does put a scratch or minor dent into your PPF, we at Bravo Protection can heal it quickly. At Bravo Protection, we can apply heat to help the layer “melt” into the cracks and holes to make it look new again.

  1. Long-Lasting

High-quality XPEL Paint Protection Films lasts up to five years of continuous use. But it depends on how much you spend; of course, you’ll get what you pay for. Keep in mind that if you spend more or less, the durability will likely match.

  1. Can Be Easily Removed

Yet another excellent aspect of XPEL PPF is that we can easily remove it if needed, leaving almost no trace of its existence. Now, this is useful if you’re hoping to resell your car with a perfect paint finish, as you can simply remove the film to reveal a showroom quality vehicle underneath.

  1. Preserves the Original Shine & Luster of the Car

Regular exposure to harsh chemicals or environmental elements can cause your car to lose its natural shine & luster. Paint Protection Films address this problem by providing a permanent protective coating that prevents the paint from fading. Additionally, it gives the vehicle a glossy appearance.

  1. Makes Cleaning Easier

A PPF is designed to repel dust from settling on your car, simplifying cleaning jobs. Often, all you would have to do is dust your vehicle with a clean piece of cloth instead of washing it.

  1. Can Help Retain Your Car’s Resale Value

One of the significant factors that determine the resale value of your car is its appearance. Even if your vehicle runs smoothly, unsightly marks on its body can drive away potential buyers. While you can get dents and marks on a used car fixed, a repair can set you back several hundreds of dollars. You should also know that some old marks get stubborn with time and are very difficult to remove. Finally, XPEL’s Paint Protection Film will help retain your car’s resale value by protecting the exterior from environmental & superficial damage.


Why is Getting PPF for your car is good for you?

Based on the pros, you may have a good idea of whether or not PPF is a worthwhile investment or not. Generally, people think PPF is only recommended for high-value luxury vehicles because their resale value can fall if minor chips or scratches are on the vehicle. The truth is that whether you have a luxury vehicle or not, PPF can protect your car from damage so that it lasts longer.

Apart from that, many people who own luxury vehicles sometimes leave their cars in the garage because they fear tarnishing their finish. Putting on PPF will give you some insurance to make you feel comfortable taking it for a ride anytime you want.


Paint Protection Film is like PPE for Your Car

PPF, a polyurethane film that covers your car’s exterior to add an extra layer of protection from rocks, insects, or even hail, is an excellent investment for you. It has several benefits, such as it’s long-lasting, it protects your vehicle’s color, and it’s easy to remove. On top of that, it’s easy to fix if it does get damaged or scratched slightly. For these reasons and more, it’s usually recommended for people who’re planning to resell in the future or just keep your car’s finish looking brand new.

The good news is that you do not need to go through the professional PPF process all by yourself. Go through our website, call us on 952-476-7025 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Figure out: How long do you plan to keep your Car?

If you’re among those who trade their vehicle every few years and want to have the greatest trade-in value, a PPF installation on the front end is an effective, cost-effective option to consider. If you’re going to keep the vehicle for a long time, consider a full vehicle installation or a combination of PPF and FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating.

Paint Protection Films are high-quality products for keeping your car, truck, SUV, boat, or RV looking brand new. And believe it or not, PPF is more affordable than many assume. Its price won’t affect you when you have a new vehicle that requires less paint correction or prep work.

You’ve got the flexibility to select Bravo Protection, a PPF installation center that’s perfect for you. Whether you’d like a partial hood or clear bra installation, or full vehicle PPF coverage with a 10-year warranty or more, XPEL PPF available at Bravo Protection offers an easily affordable solution.

Call Bravo Protection to protect your Car’s future with Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Bravo Protection Products offers self-healing Paint Protection Film (PPF) with the highest optical clarity tested in real-life conditions for years before providing it to customers. We have our own sourced Paint Protection Film from XPEL, a world-leading brand. Our complete solution offers reliable ceramic coating protection on top of your Paint Protection Film to give you the best of both worlds.

If you’re curious about the Paint Protection Film installation cost, call us on 952-476-7025 or email us at

And if you’re convinced PPF is the best option for you, visit Bravo Protection now at


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