Clear Bra Paint Protection Films Costs

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as Clear Bra, is an invisible adhesive-backed film applied over your car’s paint. It protects it from scratches, rock chips, and swirls. The film is often self-healing, which means if you scratch it. The scratches will disappear with a little heat from the sun or a heat gun. The main use for a Clear Bra is, of course, to protect your vehicle from road debris. These debris might kick up on the road and leave a scratch or chip in your paintwork.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films CostsYou often don’t see these treatments on all the cars because it generally costs a fair amount depending on your vehicle and how many panels you want to be done. But what’s the cost of Clear Bra all about – let’s take a look:

Breaking Down the Cost of Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

How much does protection film for cars cost? We hear this question a lot. And the answer isn’t as clear as the film itself. With many factors involved in pricing the Paint Protection Film cost, you can see that shopping around installers can be confusing.

We know how difficult it can get, and thus we are here to help you understand the Paint Protection Film cost. This blog will help people who are new or perhaps even already educated on the process of shopping for and buying Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films CostsThe truth is that every customer is unique with different needs. Therefore, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure to add a Clear Bra to your vehicle. When coming up with a car paint protection price, we consider your vehicle’s current paint condition. We also look into detailing needs, the film choice, and the complexity of your car’s surface.

No one likes scratched or scraped hood or front bumper. But unfortunately, it happens too often. No matter how careful you drive, you can’t avoid scratches, not unless your entire car is wrapped with Clear Bra PPF!

Clear Bra Protection films have been around for quite a while, but not everyone uses them because of the common misconception that they cost a lot. But really, how much does a Clear Bra cost? Today, Bravo Protection Products is here to debunk those claims and provide you with some helpful information to get the best full car Clear Bra films cost!

If your vehicle has been window tinted in the past, you should have a basic idea of how rates usually go. But if you haven’t, three major factors determine the price of Paint Protection Films, the car model, the quality of the urethane film, and the application.

For instance, if your friend could score an XPEL Paint Protection Film for a cheap price, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it for the same price. Think about the model of their vehicle and its size, and ask him/her about the amount of surface they wanted to cover because the installer will need more film to cover the larger body.

And just like window tints, Clear Bra films also come in different kinds. Some types of Clear Bra films have more advanced features than others. Their lifespan and overall quality differ from one another, resulting in different prices. One may have a cheaper price tag, while the other may be too expensive for your budget.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to say protecting your car doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Clear Bra Cost

Aside from the price of Clear Bra Paint Protection Films, another frequently asked question is whether they’re worth it, or not. Some people think their cars will be fine without them, while some view them as a must because of their benefits!

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films CostsOne of the most important benefits these protective films offer is that it keeps your car looking great. And if a great looking vehicle is placed for sale, it can be appraised for a higher price! Ultimately, they’re an excellent investment, especially if you want to take good care of your other more substantial investment – your vehicle. Now, let’s discuss some FAQs:

  • What about full-body Paint Protection Cost?

As far as protecting the entire car is concerned, the numbers remain the same — you scale them up. Yeah, they won’t necessarily scale up linearly, but the point is always the same. Assuming that if you buy an $80,000 Mercedes C-Class, you might think about protecting the entire car rather than just the front end. You’ll do well if you decide to safeguard your entire high-end purchase.

Once you hit the $150,000 mark or even the $200,000 mark for something like a Lamborghini Reventón, then it almost becomes a no-brainer to have paint protection film installed on the entire car.

  • What is the condition of the vehicle?

It’s a common mistake to believe that a brand new car delivered directly from the dealership will be in perfect condition. We all think that it should be this way; in a perfect world, it would be.  But that’s not the case with most new cars being shipped.

As with ceramic coatings, every single installation of paint protection begins with paint correction and careful preparation of the surface. Any contamination, dust, or dirt on the surface of the car can hamper the installation. It is quite important before installing something that’s mostly permanent, like Clear Bra.

Further, most vehicles require some degree of paint correction and significant preparation before installing Clear Bra. This could range from minimal prep $0 to $500 to $800, depending on the vehicle’s condition.

  • Do you want other protection services?

When factoring in the cost of Clear Bra Paint Protection Film alongside ceramic coatings and paint correction, timing and preparation come into play.  Combining all three processes will certainly save you money in the long run. However, we prefer to repeat the washing and cleaning between the paint protection film and paint correction.

  • How difficult is the vehicle to wrap?

Another thing to consider is how difficult it is to wrap your car, which could make a massive difference in the price of your paint protection film installation.  Installing a curved hood with multiple close vents is quite tough compared to a simple flat hood with no vents, which is much easier to install.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films CostsDifficulties like curves and odd shapes pave the way we perform the installation. Some cars need custom trimming to get full coverage. Reaching these areas can be very difficult and requires our certified technicians to remove panels to get access. This is also a factor in pricing your specific project. We only use expertly trained technicians to do any removals and installations.

The factors discussed in these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will come into play when choosing what package or combination of packages will suit your needs and budget.

  • Is the cost of Clear Bra worth it?

Let’s get to the point – is the price of paint protection film worth it? Yes, absolutely, and for several reasons. Let’s discuss them one by one:

First, there is the resale value. It has been proven that if you have a perfect front end, your car is more likely to sell for a higher price. Slightly higher than it would if the front end was all chipped up. The initial hit of a couple of thousand dollars to protect the front end stings a little. But you get to enjoy a clean car for your entire time you own it. More importantly, you end up getting that money back when you sell the car.

Secondly, there’s the emotional value. Buying a brand new car and seeing the front end deteriorate within months can hamper your car’s attachment. For the first few thousand miles, you’re going to feel every stone hit your car like ripping your face off.

There’s no way you can enjoy driving your new car if you worry about rocks hitting it. But it’s inevitable. So your paint will chip or develop scratches if you don’t install paint protection film. You can’t precisely quantify the value this offers. It depends on you, and how much is this worth to you?

Resale value of old is not of such big importance. These are cars that you keep long enough, and when the front end is all beat up, you end up repainting anyway. The cost of the paint protection film is entirely worth it in this case as well.

Learned enough about the Costs of Clear Bra Paint Protection Films?

Clear Bra Paint Protection Films CostsFor Clear Bra installation, get prices from multiple shops if you want, but rest assured, you’ll get the best offers and price only at Bravo Protection Products.

Bravo Protection Products offer quality products from XPEL, a brand that has a long-standing reputation. We recommend you browse through our websites and see if their products suit your unique individual needs. For more information, specifically tailored to your needs, please get in touch with us now. And if you reside in the twin cities of the St. Paul-Minneapolis area or the surrounding areas, you can visit us anytime you want.


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