BMW Paint Protection Film

When it comes to owning a prime luxury automobile, BMW vehicles are in a class of their own. Whether we talk about their range of SUVs, sedans, coupes, or convertibles, BMW signifies excellent German engineering luxury and class. However, while oohing and aahing over the stellar appearance of your brand new car. It’s essential not to forget about getting BMW paint protection film.

While you may love the look and feel of your car as is. The fact is that your shiny new vehicle is at risk of all kinds of damage once you drive it out of the showroom. From rock chips that can scratch your car’s exterior paint to bug spatter and bird droppings that solidify on the expensive factory paintwork. They are a million ways your car’s flawless surface can get damaged.

However, getting high-grade BMW paint protection can easily avoid all this. This article will show why it is important to protect your car’s external paint job and the best way to accomplish it.

Why Do You Need BMW Paint Protection Film

BMW PPFHere’s a zinger that you probably didn’t know. Were you aware that BMW initially started 100 years ago as an airplane engine manufacturer but struggled to achieve success from its starting production facility in Munich?

Today, the company has thousands of showrooms and multiple manufacturing facilities spread across continents and produces top-of-the-line cars that are highly coveted by all. The company’s current status is a lesson in the power of perseverance for us all.

Even as your brand new BMW raises envy in all who gaze upon it. Imagine its condition in the next 3 to 5 years upon exposure to hazards like:

  • Rocks
  • Road debris
  • Bug splatter
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Harsh UV rays
  • Acid Rain
  • Chemical or oil spills
  • Paint chips, cracks, peeling, etc.

All the elements above can either cause scratches on your vehicle or damage its custom factory paint job. These scratches cannot just mar the look of your luxury automobile. But also cost you a pretty penny as you head to the service center to get it repaired again and again.

Instead, you can avoid all these headaches and repair bills by installing a transparent paint protection film on your car’s external surface that protects it from road debris, gravel, door dings, etc.

A full-body PPF installation may sound like an expensive investment, but let us reassure you that it is wise, too. A high-quality PPF like the XPEL Ultimate Protection Plus that we use at Bravo Protection Services comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that promises long-term returns on your initial investment. Just get BMW paint protection film installed at Bravo Protection Services and drive your car in style. Without worrying about road debris or accidental scratches.

What is a Paint Protection Film?

What is a PPFPPF or paint protection film is a 100% transparent film applied on your BMW’s outer surface to provide a layer of protection for your automobile’s expensive and high-end paint job.

Made from transparent polyurethane. A well-engineered paint protection film is equipped with advanced paint protection properties like a self-healing layer, a hydrophobic top coat, etc.

These properties make clear bra installation one of the best ways to protect your BMW’s expensive paint surface and maintain it’s flawless appearance.

What are the Advantages of Getting BMW Paint Protection Film?

Doesn’t the idea of being able to drive your car out without having to worry about damage from flying rock chips or road debris make you feel better? Additionally, PPF installation can drastically reduce the heat required to wash your car as it automatically repels any liquid spills or contaminants.

We’ve listed down some of the benefits of getting BMW paint protection film below:

Enjoy Advanced Protection Against Rock Chips and Minor Abrasions

The XPEL paint protection film used by Bravo Protection Services adds an extra layer of protection to your BMW while providing your vehicle with a high gloss finish. Contrary to popular belief that the film cracks or yellows with age. XPEL transparent protection film maintains its clear finish for years while preserving your car’s original color and paint.

The film further bears the impact of accidental scratches, parking lot door dings, and even oil or chemical spills to keep your BMW in excellent condition for years to come.

Avail Full Advantage of Self-Healing Properties

Armed with a self-healing topcoat. The paint protection film is further capable of repairing any minor scratches or heat swirls that form in the PPF.

The self-healing topcoat is engineered using advanced technology. This technology enables simple heat application to repair any minor scratches or swirls that develop due to accidental contact or heat.

Prevents Chemical Etching and Stains

Oil or harsh chemical spills also represent a serious threat to your BMW’s pristine paint job. And that’s exactly why PPF provides so much value. It serves versatile functions while protecting your car’s exterior paint work from a wide range of dangers and contaminants.

The coating hydrophobic top layer automatically repels any liquids, thereby preventing the formation of water spots, damage from acid rain, oil or grease stains, and any accidental chemical spills.

Averts the Effects of Oxidation

Advantages of Getting BMW Paint Protection FilmYou may not realize it. But the harsh UV rays of the sun are highly detrimental to your vehicle’s fancy paintwork as they slowly leach the color and intensity of your paint.

In fact, over time, these harsh UV rays can even fade away your fancy upholstery. So it’s recommended to tint your car windows and get high-quality BMW paint protection film.

Preserves Paint Quality for Improved Resale Value

Preserving your car’s original paint job is more than just a matter of aesthetics. While a car’s value starts depreciating as soon as you drive it off the lot. Its state at the time of resale helps determine its final value.

Maintaining your BMW in its pristine condition allows you to get a few good years out of your car and then get a great price for it once you’re ready for an upgrade. After all, you’re likely to get more for a vehicle that looks as bright and shiny as the day you got it instead of an old faded car covered in paint cracks and scratches.

Offer Long-Lasting and Flexible Solutions

BMW Paint Protection FilmAs mentioned above, XPEL Ultimate Plus, the PPF used by Bravo comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an extended lifetime installation guarantee.

We also use specialized XPEL software that is automatically updated with the latest car models. Including the old and latest patterns of all BMW models, that allow us to laser cut your PPF within minutes.

You can opt for full or partial coverage for your hood, bumpers, and other areas most prone to damage and scratches. PPF offers long-term, flexible protection for your vehicle.

Get Superior Paint Protection for Your BMW with XPEL Clear Bra Installation at Bravo Today!

If you have more questions like how long does BMW paint protection film last or the different levels of coverage that you can opt for. Then please feel free to contact our team.

As an XPEL-certified center, we have access to the latest products and technologies from the leading industry brand. Additionally, our team of experts comes with over 50 years of combined experience that translates into a swift and flawless PPF installation for every car.

Are you looking for a professional BMW paint protection film installation in Burnsville, Minnesota? Just drive to Bravo Protection Services to provide superior protection for your car today.


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