Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y Paint Protection Film

Some things belong together, such as Tesla and XPEL Ultimate Plus, which combine to create the ultimate Tesla Paint Protection combo. So, whether you have a Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y, you need to take steps to protect your swanky new car and its expensive paint job from scratches and stains.

After all, you had to jump through several hoops to order your new Tesla online and probably wait a few weeks before you finally got to drive your top-of-the-line electric vehicle. Now, you’re concerned about accidentally damaging the beautiful paint job on your sparkling new Tesla.

Choosing the paint protection film will be one of the most critical aftermarket decisions you will ever make for your electric vehicle. Can you imagine your 6-figure Tesla model S, 3, X, Y being subject to damage from rock chips, insect splatter, road debris, etc.? Or imagine how much it would hurt to see a long ugly scratch on what was once the flawless exterior of your Tesla.

Let us show you exactly why you need to get paint protection film or Clear Bra Installation for your Tesla.

Top 6 Reasons for Tesla Paint Protection

Tesla Model X Paint Protection Film

Here’s our list of the top 6 reasons you need to get the best Tesla Paint Protection for your sustainable vehicle.

  • Protects Against Stains

Daily driving exposes your Tesla to various hazards, including water, chemical, or oil stains.

While the water spots are comparatively easy to remove, chemical or oil stains can damage the factory paint layer of your vehicle, altering its shade or damaging its smooth finish to leave behind a big, ugly scar or multiple stains and spots.

In some instances, your Tesla’s beautiful paintwork can also be damaged by abrasive elements like UV rays and acid rain that mar its flawless finish over time.

Installing a high-quality paint protection film like XPEL Ultimate Plus protects your Tesla against all these more as it’s topped with a hydrophobic coating that repels all these liquids automatically, thereby preventing:

  1. Formation of water spots 
  2. Damage from oil or chemical spills
  3. Fading or damage from UV radiation and the harsh pollutants in acid rain.
  4. The film will never stain or discolor and keep your car’s pristine appearance intact.
  • Prevents Paint Damage

It’s no fun if you’re driving your Tesla down the highway but constantly have to watch out for any road rocks or debris that may chip away at your vehicle’s paint. Or if you are always afraid of getting close to another car and accidentally scratching your vehicle.

A high-technology PPF can protect your vehicle by bearing the impact of any flying debris and accidental scratches while protecting your paintwork.

Using paint protection film is the only way to prevent paint chipping on your Tesla.

  • Maintains Resale Value

Most buyers value a Tesla for its design and appearance almost as much as they prize it for its cutting-edge technology and exclusivity.

That’s why getting premium Tesla Paint Protection is so crucial. It helps preserve your car’s external surfaces and keeps it looking as fresh as the day it arrived at your doorstep. A PPF installation will also help you command a higher price if you plan to sell it in the future and upgrade to the latest model.

  • Self-Heals Minor Scratches

You know that PPF acts as a shield between your car’s original paintwork and any external contaminants or abrasive materials. However, what about the scratches that form on the PPF layer itself?

While PPF is a transparent, polyurethane film applied on your Tesla’s external surfaces without affecting its appearance, it can develop swirls when exposed to extreme heat or scratches upon impact. Yet, this does not mean that they will always be there.

XPEL Ultimate Plus, recommended and used by Bravo Protection Products, comes with a self-healing topcoat that can repair minor scratches and swirls with simple heat application. So, it provides comprehensive Tesla Paint Protection while keeping your car’s smooth finish intact.

  • Reduces Parking Lot Door Dings

You probably have nightmares about parking your Tesla in the parking lot and then coming back after a few hours to discover scratches and damage from door dings.

A door ding refers to the damage caused to a car upon opening a door when 2 cars are parked side by side. The damage can range from a dent to a few scratches on your car’s door or panels based on the force with which the car door is yanked open.

You can put those fears to rest by installing PPF on your car as it absorbs the impact of parking lot door dings and prevents any damage to your Tesla’s exteriors.

  • Saves Thousands in Repairs

According to estimates, it can cost between $150 to $2500 to repair minor paint scratches on a Tesla. While a complete paint rework usually costs upwards of $3500 to $5000.

So, installing a PPF film can help you save thousands in repairs. Bravo’s recommended Tesla Paint Protection Film, Ultimate Plus, comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an extended guarantee. This, combined with our expert installation services, allows you to enjoy long-lasting Tesla Paint Protection. 

Why XPEL Ultimate Plus Offers the Best Tesla Paint Protection

Tesla Model 3 Ultimate XPEL PPF

Now, we have been espousing the benefits of XPEL Ultimate Plus and why it offers better protection for your Tesla. Let’s explore these in greater detail below:

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus uses the best-in-class material and the latest paint protection technology to protect your Tesla’s stunning paint job from road and weather hazards. 
  • XPEL PPF is specially formulated to ensure that its presence remains invisible to the naked eye, and its extremely clear finish does not dull or alter your Tesla’s original finish.
  • Additionally, the PPF installation experts at Bravo further ensure that they are no air bubbles or swirls during application for a smooth finish. 
  • Its superior technology, water-repellent coating, and self-healing topcoat can offer lifetime Tesla Paint Protection with proper care.


Q1. What is a Paint Protection Film?

Ans. Paint Protection Film or PPF, also known as clear bra, is a transparent, polyurethane film that helps protect your automotive’s factory or custom paint job from scratches, stone chips, road debris, bug splatter, minor abrasions, etc.

Q2. How is Tesla Paint Protection Film applied?

Ans. Paint Protection Film is applied on your Tesla only after our experts thoroughly wash it. During this process, our team will take care to remove all chemicals and physician contaminants, including wax and grease. Once your Tesla’s exteriors are sparkling clean. Our experts remove the film from the release layer and apply it to your car’s external surfaces in all the right areas. Afterward, we will use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles for a flawless and smooth installation. You can learn more about our flexible PPF coverage packages here.

Q3. Does Paint Protection Film protect my Tesla from Rock Chips?

Ans. The best option for protecting your Tesla is paint protection film. It will guard against impact damage, rock chips, light abrasions, chemical discoloration, etc. Paint protection film functions by adhering to the painted surfaces of your car and creating an additional layer of protection that will endure for many years.

With XPEL Ultimate Plus Installation at Bravo, Tesla Paint Protection Has Never Been Easier 

If you wish to enjoy first-rate Tesla Paint Protection. Book an appointment at Bravo Protection Products, and we will take care of the rest.

Using advanced software from XPEL, we gain access to the design patterns of all the original and updated Tesla car models in our database and can laser cut Ultimate Plus PPF for your car within a few minutes.

If you’re anywhere in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, contact Bravo to enjoy superior paint protection for your vehicle.


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