Reasons for Residential Window Tint

Have you recently invested in new furniture or moved into a new home and want to ensure your valuable investments remain in excellent condition? Tinting your windows is a smart solution that will provide peace of mind. Installing window tint in your home can also lessen the detrimental effects of the sun’s rays by up to 84%. 

Let’s explore some of the reasons for residential window tint and why it may be a smart choice for your home. 

What is Residential Window Tinting?

Residential Window Tinting

You’re likely acquainted with tinted car windows, but did you know you can also apply window tint to your home’s windows? Window tint comprises a thin film composed of a thermoplastic polymer resin. Embedded within this resin are metals or minuscule particles that effectively deter the sun’s harmful radiation, reflecting it away.

Contemporary window tinting is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. At Bravo Protection Products, we assure you that our premium XPEL window films will neither develop bubbles nor peel, and we anticipate a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Externally, window tint can impart a shiny or darkened appearance to your windows, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home while bolstering your privacy. Some window tints are nearly invisible from the inside, offering a clear view, while others provide the experience of looking through a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

What are the Reasons for Residential Window Tinting?

Reasons for Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tint brings a multitude of advantages to your home, and let’s explore them step by step:

Keeps Your Home Cool in Summer

On a scorching summer day, heat surrounds you from the warm air and the sun’s intense radiation. Seeking shade feels cooler because it offers respite from direct solar radiation. However, while letting in beautiful sunlight, your windows also invite heat-producing solar radiation.

This radiation warms up your room as objects absorb it, leading to trapped heat. Untinted windows, much like in a car or a greenhouse, force your air conditioner to work overtime, resulting in soaring electricity bills. Residential window tint, designed to block heat-producing radiation, keeps your home refreshingly cool. Our window tint can repel an impressive 98% of solar heat gain.

Acts as Insulation, Even in Winter

Windows are a weak point regarding insulation in your home, especially in rooms with numerous windows. They can make your space feel colder in winter, and standing near a window lets in cold air more rapidly than well-insulated walls. Residential window tint provides an additional insulation layer to your windows. In winter, it keeps the warm air from your furnace and the cold air from outdoors. During summer, it prevents the cool air from your air conditioner from escaping outdoors.

Offers Daytime Privacy

You will likely enjoy the view outside if your home boasts large, picturesque windows. But have you considered who might be peering into your windows? With window tint, rest assured that no one outside can see into your house during daylight hours. However, some tint options may offer less nighttime privacy after dark when the interior lights are on. Consider outdoor lighting or additional privacy features such as roller shades or blinds to enhance nighttime privacy.

Prevents Fading

Watching your meticulously chosen furniture fade due to harsh sunlight streaming through your windows can be frustrating. However, you can protect your possessions from fading caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Window tint is designed to block over 99% of UV rays while still allowing visible light into the room.

Protects Your Skin

Excessive UV rays damage your belongings and skin, leading to premature aging, lupus flare-ups, or even skin cancer. Residential window tint serves as a shield against UV rays, ensuring your skin remains healthy and happy.

Reduces Glare

While light aids visibility, excessive glare can be problematic, especially with electronic devices. Window glare can make watching TV, working on your laptop, or reading a book challenging. Some individuals even experience headaches due to glare. Window tint reduces glare while allowing sufficient light for proper visibility.

Saves You Money

Residential window tint is a long-term money-saver. It significantly reduces air conditioning costs during the summer by lessening the strain on your cooling system. Additionally, it provides insulation, saving on energy costs in the winter. Your furniture will also require less frequent replacement due to reduced fading. Lastly, safeguarding your home from UV rays can save money on future health expenses.

How to Choose a Window Tinting Company

When selecting a window tinting company, consider a few crucial factors. First and foremost, ensure that the company you choose has a track record in residential window tinting.

Additionally, seek references and peruse online reviews. Once you’ve identified a handful of reputable companies, you can compare their prices and services to secure the most favorable deal.

Get Residential Window Tint in Minnesota

Home window tint offers numerous benefits, and regardless of your specific requirements, you’ll find a diverse range of options available. At Bravo Protection Products, we maintain our presence in various cities in Minnesota.

Our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the selection process to ensure you choose the ideal window film for your unique needs. Our installation process is efficient and hassle-free, guaranteeing the job is done correctly the first time.

For additional information regarding window film options for your residential or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.


Are you ready to give your home or office the new facelift it deserves? With an easily accessible location in Minneapolis MN, our professional and well trained staff can make your vision a reality. All we need is a little more information about your project, including the design specifications, size, location, and budget. Schedule a consultation with us to get started!

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