Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Repairing scratches and chips on your car cost both time and money. There are several ways to protect your vehicle’s paintwork. Yet, installing Car Paint Protection Film offers the best bang for your buck.

According to insurance experts, a single-stage enamel paint job to freshen a car’s surface costs $300 to $1000. Meanwhile, a fresh coat of paint to repair major scratches can saddle you with bills of $1000 to $3500.

As you can see, failure to secure your car’s exterior surface can cost you big-time. So, choosing the best Paint Protection Film or PPF to get quality protection for your vehicle’s expensive paint job is important.

Why Do You Need Car Paint Protection Film?

A Car Paint Protection Film or PPF shields your vehicle from damage or scratches caused by small rocks, gravel, road debris, etc. A high-quality PPF also preserves its original factory shine and color.

A car cover only offers protection when your vehicle is stationary, while a wax coat lasts for 8 to 10 months. PPF (also known as Clear Bra) offers complete car paint protection that lasts up to a decade or more.

Best Paint Protection Film (PPF)As a top-rated PPF installer in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area, Bravo uses the best products and techniques to secure your car’s exteriors. That’s why we recommend using XPEL Ultimate Plus, the best Car Paint Protection Film on the market.

So, what makes XPEL Ultimate Plus the best clear paint protection film for your vehicle? Continue reading below to find out more. 

Why XPEL Ultimate Plus is the Best Car Paint Protection Film?

Let’s see why XPEL’s Car Paint Protection Film offers the best protection for your car’s factory or custom paint job. 

XPEL is the current leader in auto films, and XPEL Ultimate Plus is one of its best products. It’s backed by a 10-year warranty and has a self-healing, chemical-resistant top coat.

While many products claim to be self-healing, XPEL’s topcoat is superior to any others we’ve seen. It allows you to repair small swirls or abrasions on your PPF via simple heat exposure. 

Apart from using a high-quality paint protection film, you need experienced professionals to install the PPF film to shield the paint on your car against wear and tear. 

The experts at Bravo combine over 50 years of experience in the PPF installation industry and have successfully applied Car Paint Protection Film on thousands of vehicles in Minneapolis, the western suburbs, and St. Paul. 

Now, let’s examine the key features to consider while choosing the best auto paint protection film and installation services:

  • High-Performance Impact Protection

A first-rate car paint protection film like the XPEL Ultimate Plus acts as a high-impact shield against:

  • small stones, rock chips, gravel, road debris, etc. 
  • Damage from bird droppings, bug acids, oil, and more.
  • Chemical stains from corrosive spillage.
  • Hard stains from mineral deposits.
  • Light scratches, nicks, and chipped car paint.

Based on our 20 years of service in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, we can say without a doubt that XPEL’s superior protection technology offers the best-in-class scratch resistance for your automobile’s paint. 

  • Stain Resistant and Crystal Clear Coverage

Low-quality paint protection films develop stains or a yellow tint, marring your car’s original color and finish. They may also create an uneven appearance in some cases, also known as an ‘orange peel’ effect. 

You won’t face the same issue with XPEL clear paint protection films as they are virtually invisible. These transparent urethane films use a proprietary formulation that doesn’t yellow with age and is stain-resistant. Its hydrophobic top layer also repels liquids and prevents the formation of hard water spots. 

Besides protecting your vehicle’s paint surface, XPEL’s Car Paint Protection Film adds depth and gloss to its overall look. 

  • Quality Installation

With over 20 years of experience installing paint protection films in the Twin Cities, Bravo has mastered the art of PPF installation. 

We use the XPEL DAP or Design Access Program, a software program with over 80,000 car makes/models. These up-to-date patterns enable us to laser cut PPF film for different automobiles within minutes. All this ensures a flawless finish for your car’s exterior paint protection. 

  • Ultimate UV Protection

You also need to protect your vehicle’s exterior finish from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  

Over time, exposure to UV rays can oxidate your car’s beautiful paintwork and cause it to fade. In severe cases, extreme heat can also cause the paint on your vehicle to bubble up and crack. 

Paint chips can be dangerous as your car’s exterior paint coat is not just there for aesthetics. It also helps protect your automobile’s underlying metal surface from rust and other forms of corrosion. 

Protecting your car’s external surface is serious business, and you need to get a UV-resistant PPF to avoid damage to your vehicle’s protective paint layer. 

  • Long-Lasting Warranty

If you are looking for long-term protection for your car, XPEL offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on its products along with a lifetime installation guarantee.

Here is another aspect where XPEL’s PPF far outstrips its competition. For instance, 3M Paint Protection Films also have a formidable reputation in the automobile industry. Yet the 3M Scotchguard offers a warranty of 7 years in comparison.

  • Cost and Budget

A common concern among many car owners is how much does paint protection film installation cost?

If you wish to save money, then compromising on the quality of your car paint protection film is not the way to go. Instead, a high-quality PPF installation can help you save a fortune.

You won’t have to shell out money for frequent car repainting and paint repair jobs. 

Car Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating: What’s Best?

Any discussion on car paint protection will be incomplete without comparing paint protection film and ceramic coating to see which offers superior protection for your wheels. 

Car Paint Protection Film 

Ceramic Coating

  • A PPF is a transparent laminate applied to your car’s exterior painted surface. 
  • A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds chemically with your car’s paint layer after application. 
  • A permanent or temporary paint protection film acts as a shield, preserving your car’s original paintwork underneath from external contaminants.
  • The polymer acts as a protective barrier and hydrophobic coating. It makes it easier to clean your vehicle and repel liquid and solid impurities. 

Here’s Our Final Say

Both Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and ceramic coating seek to keep your car’s bright, shiny appearance intact for as long as possible.

The solution is clear, why not get both and enjoy quality protection for your car’s exteriors? Combining PPF installation and ceramic coating helps protect even your car’s most vulnerable spots like bumpers, fenders, etc. 

Want the Best Car Paint Protection Film for Your Ride? Contact Bravo Protection Products Today!

At Bravo, we ensure that our customers receive protection that lasts. Our team is XPEL-certified and offers the best PPF installation to keep your car looking brand-new for the next decade or longer. 

Contact Bravo Protection to get the best car paint protection film for your ride and have it professionally installed today!


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