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Beat the Heat This Summer With Sun Blocking Window Films

The summer season brings with it buzzing bees, blooming flowers, and beautiful sunshine. Houses, however, can get extremely hot during summer. Rooms with big glass windows letting in streaming sunshine can act like hot boxes and make them hard to sit in. While pretty, the sun’s rays streaming through your windows can heat your house, making it stuffy and suffocating. 

Instead of being uncomfortable and stuffy, Bravo Protection now provides you with the affordable option of opting for Sun Blocking Window Film. These window films are an effective way to filter the sunshine coming through your windows. It also gives your windows and rooms a beautiful makeover. 

Sun blocking window film offers several advantages over blinds and curtains.

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Benefits of Sun Blocking Window Film

The peak of the summer season can become quite unbearable for some. The house feels hot and stuffy, and you just can’t get comfortable. 

Sunlight through your windows can make the house bright and shiny but also increase the temperature, making it seem suffocating. Sun blocking window film is an excellent remedy for this problem and has several other advantages:

Extreme Heating.

Sun rays through the glass can make even the most beautiful rooms feel punishing. Sun blocking window films can remedy this problem and make your space livable again.

Covering your windows with these window films ensures that any excess heat that comes through your windows is filtered, only providing you with natural light while rejecting the sun’s heat.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays.

Sun blocking window films eliminate the excessive heat that comes through your windows and blocks the harmful UV rays that come along with the heat. This is one of the foremost reasons why window films are becoming commonplace in households and buildings.

Sun-blocking window tints also control the level of heat and light that filters through your windows.

Prevents Furnishings from Fading.

Furnishings and floorings look their best in natural light, but this can also expose your expensive investments to fading. Pricey assets like lush carpets, wooden flooring, and furniture cannot stay beautiful with time if exposed to harsh sun rays and sunshine day in and day out. Visible sunlight and solar heat are the top reasons for your furniture’s fading. 

Sun blocking window films can help preserve your furniture for a more extended period, maintaining the beautiful look of your interiors. By blocking 90% of the harmful UV rays that filter in with sunlight, these window films can help in protecting your furniture from extreme solar heat and visible sunshine.

More Cost-Effective Than Blinds and Curtains.

Sun blocking window films are a cost-effective solution to filtering heat coming inside your home.

Compared to the cost of buying fancy curtains and blinds, these window films are a more affordable option. They last longer as well, ensuring you get the most use out of them while remaining well within your budget.

Much Easier to Clean.

Curtains and blinds are difficult to maintain and clean. Curtains, especially, can get dusty and smell stale pretty quickly.

When compared, sun-blocking window films are much easier to clean than curtains and blinds. They require a simple wipe-down with a clean cloth. If you’re looking for a window that is easy to clean, then sun blocking window film should be your choice.

Helps in Saving Energy Costs.

The doors and windows in your home and building filter in a lot of heat during summer. An increase in the temperature of your home can render your air-conditioning to go on a fritz and other appliances to work slower. It can block more than 50% of the heat from your windows and give your cooling system a well-deserved break. 

Sun blocking window films help you stay comfortable in your home during summer and reduce energy costs by 30%. These window films, as a result, can help you save money and prove to be more cost-efficient in the long run. 

Improves the Aesthetic of Your Home.

Sun blocking window films can improve the overall aesthetic of your home by allowing natural light to filter in without you having to worry about heat and harmful rays.

It can add decorative patterns to your home windows that mimic the look of stained or frosted glass. These window films can give even the smaller rooms in your home an open and elegant feel by letting in natural light.

Customized Window Fittings and Sizes.

When it comes to windows, you can find some odd ones on your property. They can be angled, slanted, too small, or too big. Finding curtains and blinds that fit such windows can be challenging and add to costs if you wish to opt for resized blinds and curtains. It can also be time-consuming. 

Sun blocking window films sidestep all such complications. Fittings can be done expeditiously using customized sizes for the windows available in your home. This can be done at less than half the cost of buying customized curtains and blinds.

Provide Safety and Security.

Sun blocking window films help in providing an additional layer of safety and security to your home.

They make windows harder to break and help hold the glass pieces together in case of a break-in. Intruders do not gain easy entrance and impede robbers and burglars from trying to enter a property that is hard to access.

Helps in Improving Your Household Privacy

Sub-blocking window films can improve the privacy of your home while letting in the natural light.

Unlike curtains and blinds, these window films do not need to be drawn to afford private time with your family and loved ones. Passers-by are discouraged from peeping inside your windows; sun-blocking window films provide daytime privacy at easy, affordable prices.

Get Premier Sun-Blocking Window Films at Bravo Protection

Bravo Protection has almost forty-five years of combined experience and has been a staple in the window films business. Following the latest trends, we provide the state-of-the-art products and specialize in different installation technologies wherein we can recommend the one best suited to you. Our highly trained technicians and workers ensure professional service at the best and most affordable prices. 

Contact us with the details of your property, the kind of sun-blocking window film you are looking for, along with the design and sort of budget that you wish to have. Please ring us at 952-476-7025 or email us at Our working hours are from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

We are here to make your house a cozy home. 

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