Blast Mitigation Window Film Installation

Unfortunately, we live in a world where bomb blasts and terrorist threats pose a real danger to our safety and security. Fortunately, advancements in safety and security measures, especially window films, help protect us against these threats.
Glass is the weakest link in a blast, and a bomb blast turns unprotected glass into dangerous shards of glass flying out of the frame. During a blast, broken airborne glass moving at high-velocities poses a severe risk to injury and even death. Blast pressures can carry glass shards at speeds of up to 60-70 m/ph.
But blast mitigation window film helps reduce the risks of high-velocity flying glass that can occur due to an unexpected explosion or terrorist attack. Blast mitigation and security film create barriers that help hold the glass together amidst a blast. It also helps in protecting the people inside the targeted building and the surrounding areas. These protective window films absorb energy from an explosion or impact.

Whether accidental or intentional, blasts and explosions can cause significant harm and devastation. Glass is the weakest link amidst an explosion, and unprotected glass is one of the greatest hazards that can be mitigated. Blast mitigation film serves an effective means to protect people and your residential and commercial property from flying glass shards – one of the most common blast-related injuries and fatalities.
At Bravo Protection Products, we can dramatically increase your level of protection and help save lives with blast mitigation window films as their most important attributes are tear resistance and flexibility. Applicable to virtually any vulnerable glass, it provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities.
Bravo Protection Products is certified to install blast mitigation film and glass protection systems nationwide, specializing in high-risk storefronts, commercial, educational, governmental, and residential facilities.
Whether your project is local or national, Bravo Protection Products can rapidly deploy installation teams specialized in blast mitigation products to multiple locations, within your budget. Contact us now and out blast mitigation window film to work for the building’s protection.


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