Active Shooter Mitigation Safety Products

Mass shootings are now on the rise across the U.S.; thus, efforts to prevent, deter, or mitigate active shooter incidents are becoming commonplace. Many residential and commercial buildings are exposed to intruders that can easily penetrate tempered glass, commonly in first-floor windows and standard entryways.

With school shootings & mass shootings grabbing national attention, employing active shooter mitigation measures has become a top priority. To prevent such awful events from happening, many school districts, colleges, and other residential and commercial buildings have now started to integrate active shooter mitigation safety products. These products are an advanced security glazing solution that makes glass impenetrable.

Active shooter window film or active shooter mitigation safety products are a highly-effective solution for vulnerably exposed glass. We install many best in the class safety and security products to help hold the glass in place in the event of forced entry. These products act as a deterrent by helping deny immediate access and possibly mitigating the threat altogether. In these precious few minutes, somebody can put lockdown systems and shooter mitigation protocols into effect & give first responders extra time to intervene.

Since 1997, Bravo Protection Products has installed safety and security window film on retail storefronts, schools, office buildings, and other buildings subject to intrusions and threats. Specializing in security film products from XPEL, Bravo Protection Products can also install films that bond to existing glass and offer UV resistance and sun-blocking capabilities. Learn more about these window films or contact us for a free estimate below.


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