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RF Attenuation & Anti-Eavesdropping Films

RF Attenuation & Anti-Eavesdropping Films

RF (Radio Frequency) attenuation or anti-eavesdropping window film by Bravo Protection Products protects against radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation from invading your office or home. The RF window technology meets all the stringent community security requirements prescribed by US Intelligence for facilities that deal with classified information.
Apart from effectively minimizing exposure to RF or EMF signals, RF window films can also provide anti-eavesdropping and information breach protection. It helps meet the stringent security requirements for facilities handling classified information and help protect your confidential information leaving the office. Bravo’s Window Films can also protect you from electronic and wireless eavesdropping through your windows.

One product that helps block RF radiation and electronic espionage is XPEL’s window film solution. We can seamlessly install it on virtually any building application. In addition to blocking 90-95% of RF/EMF radiation, this product also has energy-saving properties that can significantly lower your heating and cooling bills.
At Bravo Protection Products, our RF attenuation and security window film or anti-eaves dropping film solutions are the standards for government offices and corporations needing to properly secure office buildings and at-risk locations handling sensitive or classified information. Moreover, our RF attenuation products can also suit homeowners and commercial projects and save energy and minimize exposure to electromagnetic and radio frequencies. Contact us now to get RF Attenuation and Anti-Eaves Dropping Films installed in your home or office.


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