Anti-Smash & Grab Window Films Installation

When it comes to avoiding or deterring theft and vandalism, anti-smash and grab film is the best solution for homeowners and retailers with vulnerable points of entry, such as glass doors and storefronts. Bravo’s Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film is fitted on windows to prevent them from breaking easily and do not let smash and grab attacks to happen.
When the glass breaks, this window film holds the dangerous shards in place, protecting you from all the sharp pieces of broken glass. Anti-Smash & Grab Window Film also gives you those precious extra minutes to recompose yourself and get to safety before the intruder gets through your home’s window. In turn, these measures significantly deter unwarranted entry, stolen products & further harm to your residential or commercial property or its occupants.

Anti-intrusion window film or Anti-Smash and Grab Window Film is similar to other types of safety and security window film but offers added advantages against human intrusion. Brilliantly engineered with micro-layered, tear-resistant film, anti-smash and grab film is far more resilient and difficult to penetrate than standard films. When properly installed, an anti-intrusion window film strengthens the glass and provides advanced protection for people, property, and possessions.
At Bravo Protection Products, we provide anti-smash and grab film installations designed to meet the most demanding government specifications and performance. In addition to anti-intrusion properties, this window film mitigates risks from both human and natural causes, and in instances of natural disasters or explosions, the properties of this window film help in protecting people and property from flying glass shards.
As the #1 window film installer in Minneapolis, our team at Bravo Protection Products can integrate Anti-Smash and Grab film with other window treatments. Bravo Protection Products provides installation services for those interested in anti-smash and grab, as well as different types of safety and security film.


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