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The benefits of hiring a professional for window tinting

It may sound too tempting to get window tinting your car windows by using a DIY kit. But the benefits of hiring an auto window tint pro will always outweigh any savings.

Tinting your car’s windows is a great way to reduce heat and glare, along with enhancing privacy. Generally, the consumers have just two options for tinting their cars’ windows – Do It Themselves (DIY) with a DIY window-tinting kit or hire a professional. Although a DIY window tint may cost less, professional installation will pay its dividends if you invest in it.

Anyone who has ever opted for window tinting for their vehicle can tell you its benefits. Apart from improving the driving experience, they can also make your vehicle more secure and improve its overall aesthetics.

If you want to go for window tinting for your car, consider a DIY yourself to save a little money. However, before you do, you may wish to consult a professional to determine if it is a smart option.

Bravo Protection Products offers high-end car window tint installation. We’ll be glad to meet with you and discuss why hiring a professional for window tinting is a smarter option than doing it yourself. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit us or call us anytime you want.

Below we have outlined 5 good reasons to hire a professional window tinting service:

Save Your Time & Money

Quite obviously, DIY projects are more time consuming than anticipated. What begins as a pass time job meant for weekends only can quickly turn into something that drags on for weeks, and maybe even months. Cutting the window tint, thoroughly cleaning the windows before adhesion, and applying the tinting without bubbling isn’t as easy as it looks!

Window Films experts at Bravo Protection Products have spent decades in the game, meaning we’ve developed extensive knowledge on the products to give you the best results for your needs. We live and breathe window tinting, which means we’re going to get the job done right the first time. We work with quality products from XPEL, which also means that you’ll get a warranty. Let the professionals at Bravo Protection products take care of your window tinting needs, so you can spend your time doing other things on those precious weekends.

Our Window Tinting professionals keep you from getting pulled over

There are not many laws that govern the amount of tint you can apply to your windows, but you may get pulled over and ticketed if your tint is too thick or covers your entire car.

Our Window Tinting Professionals know all sorts of Minnesota tint laws. They can make recommendations on the type and level of window tint you should put on your vehicle to attract attention. The more tints you have on the car, mainly if it covers all the windows, the more your vehicle will tend to raise a red flag with officers.

Ensure effective and first-time success

Window tinting is an investment, and it’s therefore vital that you don’t gamble with it. It’s best to let the expert install the auto tint to ensure that there are no bubbles, tearing and that the film installs the first time successfully. Window tinting is a one-shot deal, and that is only achievable if an expert installs it. If you install the tint and remove it, you may need to buy a new one, which will mean you’ll spend more money.

Car tint requires careful precision to ensure proper adhesion and longevity. Our installers make sure that they apply the tint in the right environment free of airflow, extreme temperatures, and high humidity.

Keep in mind that the DIY kit doesn’t meet professional industry standards and come with no guarantees of long-term performance without cracking, peeling, or bubbling. If you don’t have extensive training and experience, you are bound to commit costly mistakes while wasting time & money.

If you hire our professionals for applying window tint to your car, truck, or SUV, you’ll feel confident that our certified technician, with his/her knowledge, has done the job right the first time. Our window tint specialists have the right tools to ensure a correct fit and easily remove door frames to access windows. Avoid the frustration that often comes with DIY projects, and hire our professional to install it right the first time.

Window Tinting guarantees

Professional window tinting companies like Bravo Protection Products stand behind their work by guaranteeing the service they provide and the window tint products they install.

We only install the products that we can guarantee so that you are happy with the installation and the tint’s long-term performance. We eliminate the risk of DIY window tinting by ensuring the products and work meet or exceed industry standards.

Expert Product Advice

Like many other products, there are many other differences in terms of quality and specifications for window tinting your vehicles. Our professionals understand the product as they deal with it day in, day out, and they offer a wide variety of options that’ll be most suitable for your car. We will offer these options depending on your priorities, such as UV protection or temperature control, as well as your style of car windows.

Many of the products available out there also tend to be thinner and less effective. But at Bravo Protection Products, we only deal with the best products. We prefer products that enable us to tailor a window tinting solution. XPEL’s range of products are of high quality and offers our customers the best experience in terms of comfort, privacy, energy savings, and aesthetics. Working with a professional also means talking to someone to discuss the right window film for your vehicle, not simply settling for what’s available.

You’ll love the results

Many things can go wrong when you’re applying your window tint on your vehicle. Dealing with flimsy and delicate window tinting products leaves you exposed to more error such as using the adhesive crooked, and it may also bubble or wrinkle after it’s applied.

FYou have to start over or buy a new product, or you apply the wrong product to your windows, which doesn’t meet your need. for instance, thin window film won’t filter the heat and UV rays as effectively. So, it’s essential to understand what specs achieve what results. There’s also the chance you leave some dirt on your window, trapping it beneath the window and the tint making your window always look dirty.

Hiring a professional will mean the job gets done right the first time, therefore providing more cost savings. Hiring a professional car window tinting expert also ensures installation of the right film as per your needs. From regulating inside temperatures to increasing privacy, there are many different benefits per product that the experts can recommend. In the rare event that something does go wrong, we will work to fix the problem and make you happy with the result.

You may also not be fully happy with your DIY project. Many customers who came to us attempted a DIY project and found that the results were not what they were looking for. We at Bravo Protection Products want you to have a positive experience when installing window tint to your windshield. After the job finishes, you’ll love how the tint looks on your car. We install the tint according to your exact specifications so that you get your money’s worth.

How much does it cost to tint your car windows?

Low-quality window tinting film can be a way of saving money. But it does not always provide good results for the car. For instance, one of the reasons you may like is protecting your car’s interior from fading and cracking. Cheap or low-grade window tinting, though, doesn’t always provide this protection.

Car owners can get a little extra shade inside their cars, at best. But they’ll not be able to protect their car over the long run from the harmful effects of the sun. That’s why it makes total sense to invest a little more money into a high-grade window tint installed by a professional.

Superior Window Tint services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hiring a professional for your car’s window tinting needs brings a lot of advantages to the table. While you may end up paying more initially, chances are you’ll end up saving more in the long-run. You can also take pleasure in knowing that the tint on your home windows does what it’s supposed to and will last.

If you’re interested in engaging a window tinting specialist, contact the expert team at Bravo Protection Products today. Don’t settle for less than the absolute best to protect your vehicle, truck, and SUV as well. Bring your vehicle to Bravo Protection Products for a professional window tint installation if you live in St. Paul – Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. To find out more about our products and installation services, you can visit us anytime and call us at (952) 476-7025.

Window tinting

Window tinting: What is it, and do I need it?

Get the clear-cut facts on Window Tinting before tinting your car or your home and office windows

If you want your car to look & feel sporty, tinted windows are key as they offer you a more stylish drive and give your car a sleek profile while maximizing privacy. There are other benefits to window tinting, too, including keeping out the sun’s UV rays. And they are great if you’re traveling with children or even better if you just want to keep your car cool. If your car doesn’t have tinted windows, you can always add them as an optional extra.

Window Tint not only makes your car look sharp, but it has many other important benefits as well, such as UV protection and safety. Before you jump into tinting your windows, however, there are some essential things to consider in deciding the right option for your needs. In this blog, you’ll learn more about the benefits of car window tint, the benefits of residential window tinting, and can you do-it-yourself (DIY), among other things.

Windows tinting does more than just make your car look good. Around 15 million cars are sold in the US each year. However, sometimes, vehicles don’t quite meet your standards and requirements. These days, more people are opting to modify their ride.

Cars can be adapted and personalized in a whole host of ways. From turbochargers and sport seats to paint jobs and suspension upgrades, the options are endless. Of all the possibilities, Window Tinting is one of the most popular choices. Cars around the world drive with darkened windows, and, as it happens, there are many incentives for doing the same with yours; scroll below to learn more.

7 reasons why you should get your car windows tinted:

  1. They Provide Heat Protection

If you have ever left your car in the sun, you know how hot it can get. Your car can turn into a greenhouse in no time at all. It can be a particular problem in warmer climates, where there is nothing worse than stepping into a sweltering vehicle. It’s hot, sweaty, and highly uncomfortable – until the A/C kicks in.

Many people do prefer using windshield reflectors to keep the sun out, but by reflecting the sunlight into the atmosphere, the car remains cooler for longer. Nicely, tinted windows have the same effect. Quality window films can make a drastic difference in heat levels and offer a far more comfortable ride for anyone inside.

  1. They Provide Energy Efficiency

The first thing you do when you get into a hot car is turn on the air conditioning. The majority of people will get A/C pumping as soon as possible, it’s practical, for sure, and the car will cool down in no time. However, using air conditioning continually has an impact on mileage as it relies on gas to function. And consequently, you get fewer miles to the gallon. A cooler interior requires less A/C, and you’ll benefit from more miles and fewer visits to the gas station.

  1. They Provide Greater Privacy

The first thing you may notice about a car with tinted windows is that you can’t see inside. Consequently, the car interior is made more private, and this comes in handy in a variety of ways.

For instance, it’s why celebrities drive around in limousines. They can see outside, but the people can’t see them. Window Tinting films provide an effective means of evading prying eyes.

It is good news for you if you drive around with valuables in the car. Cash, computers, and phones, etc., are all kept out of sight. If your car is fully tinted, you can leave valuables out on the seats & no-one outside will know a thing.

  1. They Reduce Glare

Sunlight in the eyes is a widespread cause of accidents, so another benefit of window tinting is the reduction of glare. When the sun is low in the sky, sometimes it becomes impossible to see. Tinted windows can be of huge help if they keep the sunlight away from your face, so you’re less likely to be rendered blind by it.

  1. They Provide Health Benefits

The sunbeams do more than heat your car up. Sunlight is a widely known issue for our health as driving in the sun exposes us to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays are responsible for almost all cases of skin cancer. Indeed, driving in the sun increases the likelihood of skin cancer. For example, 53% of skin cancers are found on the drivers’ side of the body.

The increased levels of sun exposure might also have a direct impact on developing cancer. High-quality window tinting films can help keep sunlight off the body, and the reduction of UV exposure can help reduce the likelihood of health problems.

  1. They Protect the Car’s Interior

It isn’t just your skin that’s damaged by UV rays; the sunlight can cause problems to your car’s interior too. Fading & discoloration of the fabric seats and plastic dashboards are typical, and leather seats and dry out and crack. You may not be bothered by how it looks; however, better looks equate to higher prices, and aesthetics can make a massive difference in a vehicle’s resale price.

Don’t worry if you don’t prefer to have darkened windows. There is a wide array of tinting options available at Bravo Protection Products. Clear Bra films can block UV rays without adding any tint, and it will help your skin and the car’s interior without the color change.

  1. They Provide Safety

Accidents should be avoided at all costs. Every single day people get injured or killed in collisions and other forms of accident. In some instances, windows can quickly shatter into thousands of tiny pieces, and of course, these shards of the glass can do serious injury to the people inside. It can also be a significant distraction that leads to a more severe accident.

Tinted window films can protect your vehicle and serve to keep the windows together in an accident. It stops the glass from entering the car, and the people inside remain safe from cuts and eye damage.

What is Residential Window Tinting?

A Residential Window Tint is a thin layer similar to what you find on car windows. It helps block out harmful UV rays from the sun, helping control the heat flow through your windows.

If you’re somewhat familiar with older versions of window tint, you may have passed on the idea as once upon a time, there were limited options out there, and they were aesthetically lacking. But with modern technology and advances in the product, Window Tinting has become more effective.

Today, you can choose from the classic residential window film options available at Bravo Protection Products. Of course, they still offer the most excellent privacy and HVAC efficiency, or you can select from a wide range of nearly invisible films, including colored and shaded.

The benefits of Residential Window Tinting

With heating and cooling costs rising rapidly, anything that improves efficiency is worth evaluating as a homeowner. Consider Window films to block the sun’s heat. These films are beneficial to your climate control, both in the summer when it blocks the sun’s rays from warming your home, and in the winter, when the extra layer helps retain more heat. This way, you’ll use less power and stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Depending on the window tinting you choose, you’ll also benefit from an increase in privacy. Residential Window Films like car window tints can help keep someone outside from looking while preserving your view from inside the house.

Can I tint my Windows?

If DIY is what you prefer, not many things can prevent you from tinting your windows. That said, tinting windows is an exact, messy, and difficult process, which can quickly go wrong with the faulty equipment or technique.

Keep in mind that this is a job best left to our professional installers at Bravo Protection Products. If you want a smooth finish for your window tint, without bubbles or low visibility. At Bravo Protection Products, we know the window tint laws in your state. To avoid law enforcement, we can also provide you with the appropriate paperwork, which you can’t do independently.

Visit Bravo Protection Products for all your Window Tinting

If you’re considering getting protection for your vehicle or your home, Bravo Protection Products is the best place for you to get tint service. We’re a locally owned company serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas with high-quality window tint installations. We specialize in automotive window tinting, residential and commercial window tinting, safety and security window films, Ceramic Coating, clear bra paint protection, and many other useful products.

We’re always happy to discuss your window tinting concerns, expectations, and questions to determine the option that works best for you, so call us today to learn more about our tinting services!

Paint Protection Film

Window Tinting & Paint Protection Film Services in Minnesota

Window tinting and Paint Protection Film serves many purposes, including enhancing the vehicle’s appeal and giving you a sense of privacy. However, before investing money into window tint for your car, you should understand what to consider when tinting windows. And you should educate yourself about window tinting laws in Minnesota to avoid paying a fine.

Bravo Protection Products, serving Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding area offer window tinting and Paint Protection Film Services and educates consumers on how to choose the best window tint that suits their style and preferences.

Minnesota State Laws about Window Tinting

One of the most important aspects of Window Tinting is understanding your state laws because only a certain percentage of tints are allowed. All vehicles come with some level of window tint. Generally, it has around 75 percent transmittance, which is clear glass. SUVs, minivans, and trucks typically have tinted windows in the back, which meters out at approximately 15 percent VLT or Visible Light Transmission.

Moreover, when it comes to adding window tint to your vehicle, ensure that you know your vehicle’s classification. The amount of tint varies depending on your vehicle’s classification (passenger car, SUV, MPV, truck, etc.). All passenger vehicles need to have a 50 percent visible light transmission on all windows. In contrast, SUVs, minivans, and trucks can legally have darker window tint on rear windows if the front driver and passenger side windows meter at the legal limit of 50%. 

What to Consider When Tinting Windows?

Window Tinting ServicesFirstly, you should understand how the process of tinting works. Our professional at Bravo Protection Products will apply a sheet of colored film at the desired level of tint. Through expertise and skill, our trained staff will apply it, so it lasts and doesn’t bubble or peel. And never try to do the job yourself; results don’t always look professional, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Moreover, not all options available to the general public are of the best quality.

You never have to consider the quality of the Window film you choose when you hire us to complete the job. While it may sound appealing to select the cheaper version when you choose a tint, you’ll notice the difference when we’ll help you to consider the final product.

Benefits of Window Tinting

People come to us all the time asking about our window tinting services. Many consumers believe window tinting can make their car “look cool,” or it makes it easier for the driver to see at sunrise/sunset. But there are plenty of other reasons why window tinting is a smart and practical move. To know more, let’s look at some of the benefits of tinting your windows:

Beat the Heat – Window tint will keep your car’s interior cooler, so you won’t need to blast the AC or roll the windows down whenever you drive. We can tell you that driving with the windows down can hurt your car’s mileage. But Window tinting will keep you at a comfortable temperature so that you can save some money at the pump.

Theft Prevention – Whether it is a shopping bag, your backpack, or any other stuff, you’ve probably left something valuable in your car overnight by accident. Hopefully, it was still there in the morning, but far too often. We service cars with their windows smashed because a thief saw something worth stealing inside the vehicle. But Window tint makes it difficult for people to see in your car at night, which protects anything valuable you keep in your vehicle.

Reduces Glare – The sun’s glare tends to make driving dangerous, and it also puts unneeded strain on your eyes. But Window tint will reduce glare and make it easy for you to see your surroundings while driving, and protects your eyes!

Protect Fading – The sun’s rays cause your leather or vinyl to fade, which can make your car look less appealing, and it possibly affects the resale value. Apart from keeping the sun out of your eyes, window tinting also prevents damaging sun rays from hitting your car’s interior. Imagine window tint as a sunscreen for your car’s interior.

Protect Your Vehicle with Paint Protection Film at Bravo Protection Products

Keep in mind that your car will experience a real beating out in the open with gravel and other debris from the road, such as acid rain, hail, harsh sunlight, and bird droppings. Your vehicle is an investment that you make, and it isn’t cheap. If you want it to look good for as long as possible and not scratched, faded, stained, or chipped by flying rocks.

Paint Protection Film Is the Answer

The Paint Protection Film is the best cosmetic protection you can buy for your vehicle. The film guards against the fading action of UV rays, keep rocks from scratching the paint, and prevents bird droppings and acid rain from staining and ruining the finish. With paint protection film, your car will retain its good looks for years down the road, protecting your investment and providing you with more peace of mind.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film At Bravo Protection Products, we use a clear, high-grade film of urethane that’s applied to the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle, such as the hood, windshield, and fenders. The film’s thickness is 8 mm, and the installation process can take anywhere from one to four hours.

Paint protection film at Bravo Protection Products will never harm your vehicle’s existing finish, and only a very close examination can reveal its presence. We can also remove it without damage to your vehicle’s original finish. Paint protection film carries up to a 10-year warranty and doesn’t need any special care over time to look great!

Why Choose XPEL Paint Protection Film, the Ultimate in Vehicle Care in Minneapolis?

How to keep your car’s finish in the best shape?  For starters, Paint Protection Film is a great choice. When the time comes to choose a film to protect your car’s paint from scratches and wear and tear, you don’t want to choose just any brand out there; you would like the best. If you go with XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, it’ll provide you with the quality you want. There’s so much that comes with this ultimate protection wrap. So if you’re looking for the best for your car, this is the right choice.

XPEL Paint Protection Film comes with the Smoothest Top Coat

This is as clear as the film gets, and you don’t have to worry about the “orange peel” effect, so you’ll not notice the film in the car. You’ll have to look closely to rub down any edges that you find peeling up after installation since it is that clear.

XPEL Film is Self-Healing

All the scratches, spider webs, and swirls that occur on the film will be able to heal themselves. This factor is unique to this type of film. So do not sweat any small stuff that happens since the film takes care of it.

Expect Superior Stain Resistance with XPEL Film

Nothing can stain this film – road tar, salt, sap, bird poop, and even hot rubber will wipe right off since it is made with low surface energy.

XPEL Comes with a Ten-Year Warranty

XPEL Window Films protect against any yellowing that may occur along with many other defects that you might face. At Bravo Protection Products, we are confident with the products, and we stand behind it.

What are the Best Ways to Care for XPEL Paint Protection Film on Your Car?

Congratulations are in order if you’ve recently had an XPEL Paint Protection film installed on your car.  It’s amongst the best products out there to protect your vehicle from scratches, stone chips, and kinds of damage from road debris and environmental issues.  If you have Bravo Protection Products professionally installed XPEL Ultimate. Check with us for more information if you’ve got questions regarding the care of your protection film.

Instructions to take care of your XPEL Protection Film

  • After installation, wait for 48 hours before washing your car.
  • Remove any stains from your car as soon as you notice them.
  • Any small scratches or scrapes that you notice on the film can heal within half an hour at room temperature. But may need to be accelerated using warm water on the affected areas.

Other Instructions Regarding XPEL Film

  • Don’t wipe or scrub the film if it is in direct sunlight.
  • Only use microfiber or terry cloths in the film.
  • Don’t use car waxes with dyes in them.
  • Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on the film.

Use a dual-action or rotary buffer to remove scratches. Apply this with a reputed Machine Polish as it provides an in-depth, perfect shine. Use XPEL Flawless Finish Film Sealant to protect the film from any wear and tear that it may suffer. That way, you’ll be able to get a shine that’s not discolored.

Try staying away from any waxes that are dyed or might have harmful chemicals in them, as these can harm the film. In any case, if you wish to remove the film, contact our professional installer to have it removed. We’ll make sure that the paint underneath the film stays in contact.

Protect Your Car from Minnesota Road Damage with Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film by Bravo Protection Products

Speak with a Window tinting & Paint Protection Film installation professional from Bravo Protection Products to learn more about what we can provide you with to keep your car looking its best even through the harsh Minneapolis winter. Having professional installation of Paint Protection Film, Security Window Films, Residential and Commercial Window Films, and Safety and Security Window Films can be done right in our facility located in Minneapolis.

Protect your Home and Business from Burglars and Rioters with Bravo’s Safety and Security Window Films

Bravo’s Residential Safety & Security Window Films Protects Your Family & Your Investment

Let’s lay down some facts to make you understand better about the urgent need to install Safety and Security Window Films in your home:

  • There’s a burglary somewhere in the U.S. every 18 seconds
  • 20% of Americans will be victims of Home Burglary at some point in their lives.
  • Almost 55% of break-ins involve forcible entry, mostly through windows.
  • In the United States, nearly 200 Burglaries happen every hour, which adds to around 48,000 each day.

Break-ins and Burglaries_Commercial & Residential Window TintingNow you know the importance of having Safety and Security Window Films installed in your home. Bravo’s Safety and Security Window Films will transform your home’s windows from the weakest link in your property to a source of strength. They will also help in protecting your family from threats such as break-ins & impact events like earthquakes.

Safety and Security Window Films are designed to help your windows from shattering by holding glass fragments together in case of breakage, reducing potential injury from flying glass, and deter even the most motivated thieves.

As homeowners and parents ourselves, we realize that nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. Our homes are more than buildings to us; they house everyone closest to us as well as all of our fondest memories.

Further, we all have home insurance that helps us in recouping tangible losses if something terrible were to happen. Still, we need to take it upon ourselves to secure our home in a way that’ll keep our family safe from injury and help protect those special personal items that just cannot be replaced.

A security threat to your home comes in all forms, ranging from natural disasters to emergencies, theft & vandalism – all of these situations can put your family in danger. Security and Safety Window Films play a crucial role as the first line of defense. It provides a barrier that helps hold the glass in place upon impact. It also helps in controlling and reducing the safety issues and costly damage associated with broken glass. It can assist in deterring burglars & intruders and remains invisible to the naked eye.

Moreover, when an unprotected window shatters, it usually sends dangerous shards of glass flying, which causes serious injuries and leaves your family & assets exposed to the leftover elements. Security Window films help hold window glass in place even when excessive force is brought against it.

Upon impact, the window film helps to protect against shards of glass from flying, offering protection to your family. Attempts at breaking through the glass can also be delayed because of an extra layer of protection that comes with security window films, which could help stop or reduce the security threat.

Bravo’s world-class Commercial Security Window film protects buildings, offices, and retail stores, without altering your view

Safety and Security Films provided by Bravo Protection Products may be barely noticeable, but they help in reducing the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as break-ins, accidents, riots, vandalism, and even nature’s most dangerous whims. They’re designed to help protect and strengthen vulnerable windows, doors, and more while preserving an attractive exterior appearance.

With the threat of rioting, office building invasions, terrorist attacks, unexpected explosions & extreme weather events always looming, there has never been a greater demand for the installation of security window films on office building windows.

Security window films are shatter-resistant films that protect the glass in office buildings, shops, and stores, keeping it from shattering. Shattered glass flying through the air causes serious injuries and even death in some of the world’s most notorious terrorist attacks and other catastrophic events.

No matter what type of commercial building you think of, they all have a common need – security. All businesses and facilities face a myriad of threats that are human-made, natural, or accidental. Also, most importantly, glass windows are the most vulnerable points of your shop or office building. So it’s important not to overlook these weak points when you’re looking for ways to increase security. That’s where Bravo’s commercial security window film installation comes in.

Our window films are widely known for strength as we use heavy-duty polyester, and they’re bonded to surfaces using a strong adhesive film. After installation, our safety and security film will shield you against all unwelcoming surprises. They will also maintain the physical integrity of your property & your confidence in security, as well.

Decorative Window Film

We Always Use the Best Commercial Window Security Film

Our Commercial Window Security films are easy to install, and they prevent the glass from splintering on impact. Their quality material gives additional strength and reduces glare providing you optimal user experience. The safety and security films by Bravo have been engineered to be utilized in high-security zones like Hotels, Airports, Banks, Embassies, etc.

The commercial use of our Window Films has also produced amiable results when installed at hotels, malls & hospitals. Safety and security is the primary motive of our window films, and they come with combinations like U.V. control, considering the potential locations of application sites.

When it comes to commercial security film, Bravo Protection Products is the best of the best. They have a pliable polyester Mylar coating, which is applied to the inside surface of glass windows and doors to create a protective barrier for enhanced safety and security. All our shatterproof window films can be used to protect people and property against crime, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and much more.

Improve the safety and security of your Home and Business and make your windows hard to penetrate with Bravo’s Safety and Security Window Films

Break-ins, natural disasters, riots, stray baseballs – whatever the cause of impact, glass doors and windows are vulnerable to damage, and broken glass poses a hazard of its own. You can’t control accidents, crime, natural disasters, or weather, but in the form of Safety and Security Window Films, you can install an added layer of protection – one that’s virtually invisible.

Bravo’s Safety & Security Window Films make glass harder to penetrate and hold shattered pieces in place. It helps in keeping both people and your home, office, and your property safe from dangers posed by intruders, severe weather & broken glass.

Read on to know some benefits of installing Safety and Security Films in your home and business.

Break-ins and burglaries

Locks and security systems may keep out some burglars, but what about your home’s most vulnerable points of entry? Bravo’s Safety and Security Window Films make it harder to break through your glass doors and windows. Instead of a fast break-in, a robber is faced with a window that won’t yield quietly or quickly. And the longer it takes for an intruder for breaking in, the longer you have to find help.

Accidents and natural disasters

From everyday accidents to seismic activity and even airborne storm debris, windows are vulnerable to damage. If disaster strikes, your windows should be capable of taking a beating without shattering into dangerous shards of glass.

Whatever the cause of breakage may be, Bravo’s Safety & Security Window Films can help reduce the risk of injury from flying glass. These micro-layered and tear-resistant films hold the glass fragments in place, so they don’t hurt your family or your belongings.

Severe Weather

This is something we must prepare for, and security window films will help you prepare by reducing damage and the likelihood of injury from flying glass in the case of severe weather, impacts, and riots or violence. While you cannot predict disaster, you can prepare for it if you plan.

Commercial Burglary Prevention

The best way to prevent break-ins and other types of forced entry at your business or office is to reinforce your windows with a commercial security film. When you apply Bravo’s safety and security film to your glass doors and windows, they become highly resistant to impacts from typical break-in and burglary tools like hammers and crowbars. The security window film holds the glass together in the event of an attack and delays entry by up to 3 minutes, which is often enough to make a burglar think twice about targeting your business.

In case a rioter or a violent attacker attempts to gain entry to your commercial facility, the valuable delay created by Bravo’s Window films can give building occupants the required time to react by barricading themselves inside or escaping and calling 911. You can then wait for the authorities to arrive and appropriately respond to the situation. Security Window Films are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to protect your property and employees or personnel against crimes.

Forced Entry

Bravo Products design their Security Window films to offer maximum resistance to penetration and tearing, effectively deterring break-ins. By upgrading your windows with our window films, you’ll rob thieves of their two desired essentials – time & stealth. Thieves plan on being in and out of your shop or office in a matter of minutes.

If a window isn’t broken after 2 or 3 tries, the amount of noise they make will alert the whole neighborhood, and the extra time it takes them is enough to force them into early retreat. Make it too noisy and time-consuming to gain entry in your home or office, and even the most determined burglar will be deterred.




Riots and Vandalism

When Riots break out, like it recently happened in the Black Lives Matter movement in Minneapolis, rest assured you’ll be much safer if you have Bravo’s Safety And Security Window Films installed in your home or business. People generally tend to break-in through windows when there is a riot like situation. And if they don’t break-in, they still break the windows and sometimes your glass doors as it is one of the most common forms of property damage that happens in a riot-like situation. But if you have Bravo’s Safety and Security Window Films installed in your home or business, you’ll be less prone to this kind of violence.

Also, when vandals strike, the transparent film can be easily peeled away, along with the graffiti, saving your precious time & money. Window films are easily removed when needed, and applying new films is way cheaper than installing new windows. If you are in an area that is prone to vandalism, window films are a must.

Blast Hazard Mitigation

Whether it’s an accidental explosion or an intentional bomb, the threat of some kind of explosive blast is something that commercial buildings face in today’s world. Installing safety and security window films will mitigate these threats by minimizing the danger posed by glass shattered during an explosion.

Window films can upgrade your commercial building’s or your retail shop’s glass to meet the shatter resistance requirements along with the “U.S. General Service Administration’s Blast Mitigation Compliance Standards.” Bravo’s Safety and Security Window films hold the glass in high impact situations like blasts for a longer period, thus mitigating immediate risk to the in-housed people.




Fade and U.V. Protection

In addition to all the fantastic security benefits that Bravo’s window films provide, they also help in heat control or sun control like a blackout window film. They block out 99% of the sun’s harmful U.V. rays that can damage our skin, cause sunburns, and even lead to skin cancer, as well as cause fading on furniture and other objects near windows.

With Bravo’s window films, you will never have to worry about the harmful effects of sunlight, but you still get to keep all your natural light and visibility.

With vs. without Bravo’s Safety & Security Window Film

Break-and-enter robberies typically involve breaking a window. If the glass shatters and falls, a burglar gains accessible entrance to your home or business. But if the window is protected by Bravo’s Safety & Security Window Film, any glass that shatters stays in place, deterring intruders and gaining precious time for you & your family.

About Bravo Protection Products

Since 1977, Bravo Protection Products have been providing Safety and Security Window films and high-quality window tinting in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. We have now grown to become one of the leading window film and specialized Security Company in and Minneapolis area. We at Bravo Protection Product have built a business around a team recognized for its expertise, vast experience, and exceptional customer service.

Our team of experts has over 45 years of combined experience in Car Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting Commercial Window Tinting, and Boat Window Tinting. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate in residential and commercial security while lowering energy costs and improving your quality of living. Call us now at 952-476-7025 to make your car, boat, home, and business safer.

Car Window Tinting Installation Near You

Car Window Tinting Installation Near Me

Car window tinting installation refers to the procedure of applying a transparent sheet of film on the inside of a vehicle’s windows. Automotive window tinting is a simple and affordable process that can be done on almost all vehicles.

You certainly would have experienced the heat in your car after it had been parked in open in the hot sun especially in summers. Parking your car in shade to protect from sunlight is only a temporary solution. Car window tinting is the only solution to this problem and it is also one of the best ways to improve the look, safety and comfort of your vehicle.

UV rays that come from the sun are a form of electromagnetic radiation. If you’re exposed to UV radiation for a long time, your skin might develop burns and aging signs will start to appear quicker. At the same time, UV radiation is also responsible for most skin cancers developed in people all over the world. Automobile window tinting can protect you from 99% of harmful UV radiations.  Car window tinting is also the cheapest safety feature which you can add to your ride. The positive impact of car window tinting on your health will blow your mind.  Please check our blog on benefits of automobile window tinting where we have covered all these benefits in detail.

For those who love off-roading, Car window tinting ensures that your car is protected from rock chips so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about scratches from rock chips. Also, car window tinting on the front windshield help reflect the Minneapolis heat in summers and helps to keep the car cool. After getting your car window tinting, you can continue to wash and wax the car as you normally would without worrying about swirl marks because the film is self-healing.

In addition to all these safety and health benefits, automotive window tinting is a stylistic statement. Be it a luxury car or an old truck, window tinting gives it a classy, cool and add some flare to the look of the automobile.  A good car window tinting also gives an impression that the owner actually cares for their ride and have good knowledge about the style and safety feature of their car.


Here, at Bravo Protection MN, we have over 50 years of combined window tinting experience. Bravo has some of the best-certified professionals in Minneapolis who have been helping people for decades with their window tinting expertise and services.  If you are looking for a car tinting in Minneapolis, you should visit us for the following reasons:

Car Window Tinting Installation Near You


Let’s check on why you need to get a professional window tinting for your car.  While professional installation may seem like more expensive than cheap window films which offer no benefits for which you are actually getting your car window tinting done. Also, if installed improperly, there’s a high chance of it not lasting long enough. The lifespan of a car window tint depends on not only on the quality of the tint but also on how it’s installed. This is why you should get your car window tinting from a professional.

Installing car window tints require careful precision and the right equipment and experienced professionals to ensure longevity. Our professional car window tinting products and services provides you with the assurance that your ride is in safe hands and you enjoy all the benefits of car window tinting.  Additionally, some of the films we use have warranties honored in most of the places.

Since 1997, Bravo Protection Products has provided high-quality window tinting in Minneapolis and St. Pauls, MN. We are comprised of a team of experts with over 45 years of combined experience in Car Window Tinting, Commercial Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting and Boat Window Tinting. We provide the latest product technologies, follow the latest product trends, and know the installation techniques to get the job done right at the best prices.


The products we offer are tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while maintaining the best possible results. Our automotive window tint are on the cutting edge of technology, innovation, and quality and thus our customers can be at ease that the car window tint is the best available in the market. We also ensure that our customers are well informed about the various choices that are available in the market and make the best decision for their ride which reflects their style

We provide the following types of car window tinting:


The Pinnacle of High-Performance Tint

Offering 98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS combines a cool look with extreme performance. Let PRIME XR PLUS keep you comfortable and protected no matter the weather.



Extreme Performance, Exceptional Quality

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME XR Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.



Hybrid Technology for Looks and Comfort

Developed with a hybrid dyed metal construction, PRIME HP offers better heat rejection than traditional dyed films. Its enhanced reflective finish makes it a perfect blend of value and performance.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME HP Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.



Safety and Color Stability Like Never Before

Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer-causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME CS, the most color stable window tint film around.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends XPEL PRIME CS Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

With certified installers in over 55 countries and counting, we’re confident that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll receive the same unparalleled service and quality that you’ve come to expect from XPEL.



Our Customer Support team is available to answer your questions and help solve your problems at any given moment. We strive to constantly improve our customer experience and ensure that they are satisfied with their car window tinting. We also educate our customers about the various types of window tinting options available in the market, so that they make a well informed decision. We provide a comprehensive range of window tinting options as per our customer’s requirement. There is another point which you must ensure before getting your car window tinting installed. Each state in the country has its own car window tint law. For instance, the legal shade percentage in Texas is different from Minneapolis. This is why you must get your car window tinting from our professionals who assist you with these information without which you might get yourself in trouble.

We hope this article helped you and puts an end to your search of ‘car window tinting installation near me’. We ensure you that our professional expertise and our top quality products are available at the best prices. We guarantee that Bravo Protection MN is the best place for your car window tinting in Minneapolis.

Contact Bravo Protection Products for a free XPEL Clear Bra and window tint estimate. Bravo Protection Products would be happy to provide both written and verbal estimates for XPEL Clear Bra and window tint installation services. We look forward to serving you with your car window tinting so that you enjoy your ride in style, safety and comfort.