Reflect Protect Window Film

Safeguard Your Home From Destructive Sun Damage With Bravo Protection

As homeowners, we want to ensure our house is aesthetically pleasing, safe, and secure. One way to achieve this is by installing window films. Bravo Protection Products’ Reflect Protect Film has gained popularity among homeowners due to its exceptional characteristics and impressive performance.

Residential Window Tinting

Reflect Protect Films: Your Home’s Siding Protective Film

The Reflect Protect Window Film is installed on the outside of your windows to reduce the amount of sun’s reflection on your property, which can cause harm to your siding, lawn fixtures, and turf.

It acts as a vinyl siding protectant, preventing it from melting and distorting. Once applied, it has a screen-like appearance and stops birds from flying into your windows.

Apart from its reflection properties, the film blocks up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, providing clear visibility inside your home while protecting it from damage.

It’s a win-win! Book an appointment today to get reflect protect films for your home!

A Closer Look at Reflect Protect Window Film

Did you know that when the sun shines directly on the windows of our homes, they can reflect a bright light that can harm the outdoor environment? It’s true! This intense reflection can cause plants to dry out and materials like artificial turf and vinyl siding to melt.

But don’t worry. Our Reflect Protect film is here to help you combat this issue.

Well, How Does it Work?

It’s applied to the outside of windows to absorb the reflection caused by direct sunlight. This film looks like a slightly opaque screen on the windows, significantly enhancing comfort within living spaces by reducing glare, decreasing heat, and blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet rays.

So, investing in Bravo Protection’s Reflect Protect Window Film is a wise choice to avoid replacing damaged materials year after year.

Benefits of Applying Reflect Protect Film to Your Windows: A Wise Investment

  • “Absorbs” the dangerous sun’s reflective rays from your home’s windows.
  • Significantly decreases the amount of heat and glare in your house.
  • Blocks up to 99% of hazardous UV rays.
  • It acts as a vinyl siding protectant and prevents artificial turf from “melting.”
  • Reduces the requirement to use the AC during hot days.
  • It lowers the probability of birds flying into your windows.
  • It increases the ease of looking outside, even on a very sunny day.
  • It controls indoor furniture from “fading” and outdoor furniture from “melting.”
  • It plays the role of a vinyl siding protective coat.

Invest in Your Comfort and Enjoy Sun-Damage-Free Life with Bravo Protection.

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Reflect Protect Window Film

Enjoy Customizable Privacy Levels with Bravo Protection Products’ Reflect Protect Film

Most visibility offers the least privacy.

Partial visibility offers semi-privacy.

Little visibility offers partial privacy.

Most negligible visibility offers the most privacy.

Experience the Difference with Bravo Protection: Where Comfort Meets Quality of Life

At Bravo Protection Products, we don’t just run a business; we’re also enthusiasts passionate about what we do. Since 1997, we’ve always prioritized quality and our reputation.

As one of the leading tint installation companies in the Midwest, Bravo Protection Products has a team of highly competent and well-trained technicians with over 45 years of combined experience.

We meticulously test all our products to ensure they can perform under the harshest conditions while maintaining their best appearance. We take pride in our work and strive to provide our customers with the highest service and satisfaction.

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Bravo Protection

From our Reflect Protect Film to Clear Bra applications, automotive window tint, and architectural flat glass films, we offer materials at the forefront of technology and quality.

We are committed to offering nothing less than the sheer best. That’s why we use the world’s largest & most comprehensive pattern repository DAP.

Ensuring you are happy with our services is crucial for us. Our team is more than happy to help sort out your problems.

Having certified installers in more than 55 countries increases our confidence in ensuring the unmatched service and quality you can expect.

Call us at 952-476-7025 for a free consultation, or fill out the online contact form now!

Customers' Insights: The Best Way to Evaluate Our Performance

I am extremely happy with the product installed and the services offered. Highly recommended!
Kevin Evans
The strong reflection from the window to the siding has been eliminated, and there is no risk of melting. I just love how this product works!
Marta S
Problem Solved. A big thumbs up for this fantastic product.

Secure Your Home with Bravo Protection: The Premier Installer of Reflect Protect Films

Reflect Protect Window Films are the ultimate choice for mindful homeowners seeking practical advantages for their abodes. Not only do these films improve energy efficiency and security, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

By reflecting sunlight and blocking harmful UV rays, these films significantly reduce energy costs, safeguard your furniture and flooring, and elevate the overall ambiance of your living space.

At Bravo Protection, we take pride in offering our customers top-quality Reflect Protect films, ensuring maximum protection and durability. Our installation process is swift and efficient, providing you with affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

specialist work with Regular Window Tinting Film

Choose Bravo Protection and elevate your home's protection and style!

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