Our customers say it best… when it comes to paint protection film, no one treats you or your car better than Bravo Protection Products!

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Bravo Protection Products
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by Ted Leja on Bravo Protection Products
The Best!

Just want to say that Bravo did an exceptional job on the clear bra on my new car!! I had this done by the dealership on my last car and Bravo's job far exceeded the job by the dealership and charged half the price!!! Great job BRAVO!!!! I will be back!!

by John on Bravo Protection Products

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on my Infiniti. The paint protection keeps the front looking good and protects it from getting all dinged up. I believe both add value to my car.”

“Bravo provided great service and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your work. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone.”

by Vicky on Bravo Protection Products

“My husband and I have been bringing our cars to Bravo for quite some time. We drive all the way from Wisconsin to have Bravo do the work because we believe they are the BEST!

Charlie has probably tinted at least a dozen of our cars and has also put paint protection on at least three of them! The paint protection keeps the front part of the car from getting stone chips. Mike and I will continue to bring our vehicles to Bravo for many years to come!”

by Chris on Bravo Protection Products

“When it’s your ‘baby’, be it Corvette, Porsche, etc., Tom is the guy you want doing the install.”

“I was looking for someone in the Minneapolis area to install ‘clear-bra’ material on my new Corvette Z06. I read a good review of Bravo Auto Bra and called them to setup an install. Tom was very friendly, informative and assured me that I would be happy with the end-result.”

“When Tom installed the VentureShield, he took great care to ensure that the car’s surface was perfectly clean, the material blemish-free, and that his placement of the pre-cut material was perfect.”

“I was impressed with his commitment to quality. In one instance, he was working on the top (main) bumper piece when he ran into a blemish on the underside of the material that he couldn’t get out. Rather than ‘just’ installing it, and having to live with it, he pulled the entire piece off! He wasn’t happy with it and didn’t want to have any piece on the car looking less than perfect.”

“A year-and-a-half later, the VentureShield material has held up very well – no clouding, no discoloration, and it has taken a lot of rock hits to protect the front of my still pristine “Z.” Thanks, Tom!”

by Anonymous on Bravo Protection Products

Outstanding Service and quality work! After I bought my new car, my next stop was for paint protection and window tinting! The guys at Bravo are by far the best in the business! Professional prompt and very friendly! I am very satisfied with the job they did on my car!!

by Lisa on Bravo Protection Products

I had my windows tinted and clear bra put on my new car, and I am so happy with it!! They were very professional when I brought my car in and the work is fantastic! I got my car back when promised too, not a minute later!

by Garry & Patty on Bravo Protection Products

“I can’t tell you how much that vinyl coating saved my pride and joy ‘07 Mustang GT! Life is full of rock chips, and I hate to see them on my car.

“I’m sure you can go around town and find someone else to apply this product! When you bring your car to Bravo, you get a personal and professional job. They start out with a basic protection package and alter it to whatever you need!“

“This stuff is totally transparent and it makes the driving experience much more enjoyable, knowing that your car or truck will stay in new condition.”

by Stella V. on Bravo Protection Products

I decided to have my boyfriends car windows tinted as a birthday present. I did some research online and of the places I found, Bravo had the most favorable reputation. I’d initially made an appointment for Wednesday morning but was unable to make it, they were very courteous and rescheduled me for Friday. We worked with Scott who was very knowledgable, he told us about the different tint options and all other relevant details. He told us that it’d take about an hour and a half to complete the work, and sure enough, in the time it took us to go have lunch, the car was done. The finished product looks great.

We have a 2014 midnight blue jetta tdi with a black leather interior and the tint was definitely the touch that makes the car look much sleeker. We noticed a couple of small bubbles in the film but were informed that this was normal and that they’d evaporate as the film dried and set. A day later the bubbles were gone. Overall the tint looks amazing, we haven’t noticed any imperfections. The place itself is clean and comfortable, the staff was friendly and professional. We’re very impressed with the quality of work they did for the price they charged us. Will definitively be back for future services, highly recommend them!

by Charles on Bravo Protection Products

“If you’re reading this we probably share the same compassion and interest for automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. For me, it is the love of my 2008 Ford Mustang GT with the Cervinis body kit.”

“The typical bra you strap on can look tacky, stretch out and even worse, ruin your paint! I prefer Bravo Protection Products—they’ve applied the clear bra on pretty much every part of my car possible, which includes hood, headlights, roof, A-pillars and rear bumper.”

“I’ve stood by this company and its products for over a year now and will continue to bring them business in the future. I’ve referred friends and family who all agree that Bravo shares the same passion as their customers. This allows them to provide a quality service that we all appreciate.“

“Why get factory work done at factory prices? Bravo is the auto bra and window tinting specialist without the factory markups.”

by Phil B. on Bravo Protection Products

“I can see clearly now my tint is on…. A couple weeks ago I told you how I stopped in to get a price Quote on tinting my car windows at Bravo Protection Products. Based on the information given and the amazing customer service that I received I decided to go back and get the job done, let me tell you I am glad that I did! Now you may think that any business should give great customer service when first meeting a potential client however, this is not always the case! Based on looks and the way people dress the majority of people in sales within the first seconds of seeing someone have made up their mind if this person is worth the time. From the second I walked in to Bravo Protection Products you could tell that these guys were thankful for me stopping in and for considering them to do the job.”

“I called and scheduled my appoint on Wednesday and they told me that I could come in Friday. I understood that they also had residential and commercial customers so 3 days was no big deal. On Thursday I received a call from the installer Charlie who was calling to ask if we could move the time from 9 to 9:30 because of a dealership that needed a car done in the morning and I told him that I understood and to me the time change was no big deal. I want to point out that I really appreciated the call and instead of me getting there and having to wait that he let me know ahead of time.”

“When I arrived Charlie greeted me with a great welcome and we started to discuss the tinting options that I had to choose from. Now keep in mind that every state has different laws and that unless you have an extra 140$ sitting around for a tint ticket, you might want to check the law in your state so you can avoid the hassle. After deciding on the light percentage we were ready to go.”

“The front and rear windows went on without any problems, and the car and protection of my car was at the top of considerations! It was the back windows that needed some TLC. Before I decided to bring my car in I had watched some videos on YouTube on how to do it myself and the back window was always done in strips of tint due to the curvature of the window. This is where the expertise of Charlie really came into play. Charlie has been installing window tint for around 13 years and because of this he is what I would call a master. I asked if he was going to do the back window in strips and he said no he was going to shrink the film with a heat gun and form it to my back window. He let me know that this part of the process is tricky because of the intense heat and the chances of melting/ burning the film. As I said this is where the years of experience have come into play and within no time at all Charlie had formed the rear window film to a perfect fit.”

“The total time for Charlie to do a car is 1 1/2hours-2hours and the wait is worth it! With the combination of his years of experience and attention to detail he got the job done and it looks amazing. Every car I have had has come with the rear windows and back tinted already so this was the first car that has had no tint at all and I am so happy that I made the choice to get my windows done at Bravo Protection Products! From bright headlights at night to just very sunny days it has improved driving 110%. Keep in mind that for 3 days after getting your windows tinted you will not be able to roll your windows and it will take around 2 weeks for the film to fully dry.”

“Overall I could not be happier with my decision to get my windows tinted at Bravo Protection Products and am very happy with the job they did! From the time I first walked in to get a quote to the time I was driving away I was given great customer service and would recommend the service to all of my family and friends! The quality of work was top notch and after seeing all that goes into tinting car windows I am very glad that I did not go the DIY route. If you want to make a slight change to your car and are not sure what to do stop into Bravo Protection Products and see about getting your car tinted! Also something to think about is with summer just around the corner get your car in before the weather really heats up! Overall if you are looking for auto window tint on your car and quality workmanship look no further than Bravo Protection Products!”