Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial  Window Tinting For Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Commercial Window TintingAt Bravo Protection Products, it is our belief that commercial spaces need the benefits that commercial window tinting has to offer. Just like when tinting the windows of automobiles, our window tint professionals treat your establishment with the same care and respect they would give their own. Check out our link to Window Tinting Benefits for more information.

Why should you opt for commercial glass tinting?

  • Sun damage and UV protection
  • Glare reduction
  • Increased energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer
  • Darker windows provide better privacy
  • Subtle shade
  • Improved shatter-resistance if impacted or if bad weather strikes
  • Better security through the improved shatter resistance
  • A more comfortable interior environment
  • The building looks more elegant and professional

Because of the energy efficiency of commercial window tint, you can shave some of the energy costs off the top of your operating budget. Energy costs make up approximately 30% of the average commercial building’s annual operating budget. In the summer, solar heat gain through windows contributes to 1/3 of the cost to cool a building. When you can eliminate or greatly reduce the solar heat gain that occurs through the windows, less money is spent on cooling costs. This will allow the commercial tint to pay for itself year after year until a repeated return on investment is achieved.

Commercial Window Tinting That Protects & Increases Heat Rejection

Decorative Window Tinting (Frosted Tint)Bravo Protection Products only uses window tint that is assembled and finished with a durable scratch-resistant coating so that the tint looks great for the long-term. But one of the key benefits is the protection from UV rays when it comes to interior carpets, office furniture, waiting room furniture, or anything else sitting in front of windows. Wood window sills are protected, wood floors are protected, and practically anything sitting in the path of these rays. This enables you to pad the building’s budget by protecting the investment, which enables items normally damaged by UV rays to last longer than they would without commercial window tinting in place.

And then there is the heat rejection, which contributes to energy savings. By reducing heat transfer, everyone working around the windows in the office feels more comfortable. Temperature maintenance is important, but so is this: If an employee is meeting with a client and the sun is in the client’s eyes, they are not going to be comfortable and that can compromise business. Yes, blinds can be put in place, but heat transfer can actually melt blinds over time. There is also the fact that closed blinds can make a room seem “stuffy.” With commercial window tinting, the blinds can be open so that the room feels a bit more wide open.

Window Tinting For Commercial Buildings In Minneapolis, MN

In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, window tinting for Commercial Buildings in MN comes in different types and this is because the needs of each building and client are different. Bravo Protection Products is here to match your commercial needs to the window tint film that will meet and even exceed those needs. All of our window tinting jobs begin with a full initial consultation, as well as precise measurements and the submission of a formal bid, and are completed the way any tinting job should be the first time.

Safety & Security Film For Commercial Buildings In Minneapolis, MN

Potential Problem:

Most national retail stores have either experienced or are in fear of experiencing a break-in. Depending on the retail store a smash and grab could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In most of these occurrences the theft has occurred before police officers could respond to the security alarm. If you own a retail store or business and would like to protect your assets Bravo Protection Products has a solution.


Our Safety and Security Film consists of multiple micro layers to make up a 4Mil film and provides enormous strength and tear resistance compared to other films. The film meets the Safety and Glazing Standard and will Deter smash and grab burglaries, reduce fading, and greatly improve the protection of your business’s assets.

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